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Gutted that I missed Kia Miller, will she be doing another one?

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@Blondiewonder Hi Emma! Do not worry, more love from Kia to come in the future. In the meantime, I am happy to pass along any questions you have for her- just let me know! Glo and Kia are here for you during this time.

If you’re interested in what Kia shared with the Community, check it out here:

Hi, my question to her was, can she explain the eyes 9/10ths closed in Kundalini as opposed to shut in most other meditations, what does it mean and what is the significance. Also does it matter if the eyes are closed because i sometimes find it a distraction?
Many thanks and love Emma

Hi Emma! We heard back from Kia:

Great question. The eyes 9/10ths closed is used in many Buddhist practices too… It is to keep yourself if this dimension! The eyes at the tip of the nose is a strong drishti that stimulates particular parts of the brain and calls up info from the subconscious mind. Best way to do it is to feel like your awareness is looking down from the back of your brain… this way you do not strain your eyes…

Generally speaking try to keep them open if the kriya requires it – you can look down gently as directed above. With love, Kia

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I would love some recommendations for finding classes that go a bit easier on the wrists but are still an intense workout (I like the level 2-3 classes). So probably a class with lots of standing poses and not a ton of arm balances. It’s hard to search in this specific way using the standard search terms. Thanks!


Thanks so much for the reply :pray:

Hello, I have a question for Jason Crandell, and I’ve just realized I missed his recent Q&A.

Jason, I’m a big fan of all your classes and in particular your 14-day challenge for strength program, which I’ve worked with over and over. Thousands of namastes…

Question: is there a “sequel” to that amazing program that you would recommand? A new program along those lines would be fantastic of course, but in the meantime, are there any classes you would recommand to continue and heighten the challenge?

Thanks a lot and have a very good day everyone.


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Please add a Healthy Aging class. Building strength and resilience.
Thanks Love Glo!!!

Gang: I need to terminate my trial membership…can’t afford it, but don’t know how to do it…can you help?

David Banner

Desk Reset
Hatha with Tara Judelle
10 mins • Level 1-2

Hi I would just like to know if there is way to gift a full class from a paid member?

Also is it possible to use a gift/debit card instead of credit card when you sign up?


I’m not entirely sure where to ask this question (new to community convos, but I am wondering what the best props are to have at home for pilates (e.g., props that could be useful for the classes on glo). I am very familiar with yoga, but pilates is new to me. Any suggestions or a link would be much appreciated!



My names george and im very new to yoga. Im 22 and I have been wanting to start some sort of practice for a while now. I was highly impressed with what I saw of yoga. So far I will say that the website is a little difficult to understand however I’m slowly getting the hang of it! I would like to ask the instructors for class recommendations. Are there live classes that happen weekly? Are there programs that could be recommended to me that I could practice weekly? I’m interested in a making my practice part of my daily routine and if the instructors agree I would like to practice different forms on different days. I would like most of the week to be strength training. I would like to practice some Hatha. I would also like to have a couple calming sessions to unwind and stretch as most of my days involve strenuous labor. So I guess my question is could someone recommend a path for me? A weekly routine to follow? I would like it to include those three key elements. I would greatly appreciate it! The town I live in is very small and I’m sure there’s not a yoga instructor for 100 miles so I’m forced to find answers elsewhere!

Thank you for your patience and consideration.


I have the same question Jason. I am your biggest fan!

Hi George, welcome to Glo and to yoga! We’d love to help support your journey so I have some class recommendations for you. Also we have been getting a lot of requests for live classes so keep an eye out on your emails from us very very soon!

I will be reaching out to make some personalized class recommendations based on what you are looking for, we love to learn more about your goals and interests and help you find the right classes and teachers!