Amy Ippoliti: Live Glo Q&A on Wednesday, April 1st

Join us on Wednesday, April 1st at 12PM PT for a Live Q&A with Amy Ippoliti!

Topic: Making the most of this collective pause


Hey everyone! Amy here. I’m so looking forward to connecting with you all in a few minutes! xoxox


Hi Amy!


Hey, nice to have you here!

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I love your classes & your joyful attitude!

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Awww, thank you for that sweet reflection - I am very glad!

Hey Amy!

Thank you so much for joining us. I love your classes and your spirit.

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Is this a silent Q&A? No way for sound ? Thank you.

Hello from the Western Slope!!

Yes it is silent, feel free to hit me up with any questions in writing! :slight_smile:

Hi Amy, first of all, thanks for being here for this Q&A moment, I do really appreciate it. How are you in Boulder?
Here in Italy the situation is really difficult, with so many problems to cope with.
It is also difficult to maintain hope actually. I am doing my best to maintain a routine to feel the feel and undestrand what can make me and my family feel good on the day by day, but the fear for the future is pretty vivid.

Will the video just come up on here?

Welcome! :heartpulse:

Hi from Pennsylvania!

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It’s a silent Q & A in writing - feel free to chime in on your keyboard with questions. :blush:

How often do you add new classes to the global community?

Do you plan to add any classes which use a wall for poses such as high lunge or warrior 11?

I love the way you teach what was your main area of study in your yoga training?

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Hi from Belgium !!! Love your enthusiasm when teaching. It always makes me feel excited and happy :grinning:
Can I ask, how do you try to keep yourself balanced at these times ? Lots of meditation ?

Hi – thank you for doing this. Just looking for words of wisdom on how to make the most of this collective pause and how we can all be a light in this world for others.

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Amy, you are one of my all-time favorite yoga teachers. I just finished your program, Pose Goals: Highway to Headstands. I highly recommend it to anyone on Glo. I really want to do headstands and want you to know how much I appreciate that program. Nancy

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