Amy Rosoff Davis: Live Glo Q&A on Tuesday, March 31st

Join us on Tuesday, March 31st at 9AM PT for a Live Q&A with Amy Rosoff Davis!

Topic: Having a kid at home while sheltering in place


Hi, I’m Amy! I am so excited to chat with you about keeping up on your wellness game while we are all at home with our families :slight_smile:


Hi Amy! I am so excited that you are joining Glo this morning for a Q&A session :blush:

Personally, I don’t have any children of my own, but I have so many friends that are struggling to find their alone time during the lock down. Since I am not in the same shoes as them, I am having a hard time offering advice. What do you recommend for parents that have multiple little kids at home? How can I be of support to them from afar? Thanks!

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Mom of 2 toddlers here and mom guilt is creeping up like nothing else. Upping the time for screen time, finding myself more short-tempered, and anxious. Yes, we do activities, bonding, reading, and I love my kids and I am blessed that we are all healthy and safe in our home. But how can I reset/recharge… whatever you might call it when we are around each other all the time?

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As I’m certain you’re aware this is an extraordinary time – many of us parents are feeling isolated and scared re: our mental and physical health and well being. If you could provide some actionable advice on your mindset, and how you prepare and work through the day
(we are not just working but managing kids, doing distance learning as schools are closed, AND trying to squeeze in self-care/have a physical practice) – that would be truly helpful!

Good morning and thank you for asking such a great question. I always say it takes a village to raise a child - or (multiple) children. I lean on my friends so much for parental support- both those with and without kids. This is such a trying time- unlike any we have experienced and it’s very important to be extra kind to ourselves and practice self care. Whether that’s 5 minutes in the morning or a bath before bed or giving yourself ( or your friends) the permission to love yourself a little harder. Make sure your wellness game is as best it can be. Offering your love, help and support to friends goes a long way. You could offer to read a story to their children via zoom, or encourage them to take a 30 minute yoga break while they let their kids watch a show. We are normally very limited with screen time in our house, but we are being extra forgiving with the rules and self judgement right now- we are all just trying to keep sane. Maybe your friends just need a phone call at night to vent or help planning meals or ideas for activities. Just being there as a friend right now and offering assistance in any way you can will go a long way.

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Wow. These are some awesome ideas I never thought of. I can’t wait to read my favorite kiddos a story over zoom. Thank you SO much

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Sending you a big does of love right now!! I have one toddler and am pregnant and the days can get a bit overwhelming- I totally hear you. BE KIND TO YOURSELF and take care of yourself. Remember to put your air mask on first. Happy mom happy kids- It’s the truth. Don’t place unnecessary judgement on yourself- the current situation is far from normal and not going to last forever so treat it ( and yourself with as much love as possible). I was stressing over my two year old learning to write all her letters last week, and then I realized she just wanted to play and snuggle and go for walks and be with me and that she will learn when she is ready. I also realized that any anxiety I had was being placed on her energetically. I have been giving her some screen time ( even though that is not normal for us) or letting her FaceTime with my parents and am now getting MUCH NEEDED breaks. It’s better to be present and loving 50% than half present 100% of the time. Kids read that energy. Squeeze in a little self care every day. It’s good for you and it’s important for them to learn independence! Give them toys or an educational show and do something that makes you feel good. An at home workout, a phone call to a friend, a facemask a quick Marie Kondo to a drawer, haha, anything - hey you could even go in the other room and watch a show you like! You will be a better parent and human if your needs are met too!

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This is a great question- and I am still figuring out the new normal myself- I mean who could have prepared us for such a crazy situation! Whenever possible I try and get up a little early to do a few things for myself before the day gets going. Honestly, sometimes that’s just a quick meditation in bed before I open my eyes. I start with gratitude and set an intention for the day. I try and set myself up for success by starting the day with positive energy and love. If I have time before I hear the pier patter of feet gets up, I will go write a quick to do list and do some sun salutations. If I miss that window she will do yoga with me- kids LOVE yoga and it’s fun to practice with them. I try and make each daily activity like this- what can we do as a family to practice self care? My husband and I take turns with childcare when we can ( we are all in this together and it’s a very important time to bond!). We take breaks and go for family walks or bike rides. We have been cooking new meals and Ellie our toddler loves to help and prep. Dance party breaks are BIG in our household as is laughter. It’s hard being full time parents and juggling work- we are doing that too, but the more we can try and find joy and balance the better. Also getting lost in play with a child is TRULY all it’s made out to be- it’s really freeing. My husband and I also take turns having alone time. For me, I LOVE a bath before bed and I love to have time to catch up on my friend text chains and laugh. I fit in mini workouts all day whenever possible and if she naps I meditate or watch a show or catch up on work. Shifting your mindset whenever possible! This too shall pass but life is still around us and happening :slight_smile:

Hi Amy!

How should you balance educating your children around the safety precautions they need to take while also not sharing too much information that would scare them?

Hi, thanks for your question. I’m not a medical professional but as a parent we have been telling our toddler enough to keep her safe, but just as you said, not scare her. It’s hard for our two year old to grasp why we suddenly stopped playdates or leaving the house, but we told her there is a bad cold going around and we don’t want to have runny noses or coughs. We talk about germs and that we don’t want to spread them so we cover our mouth if we cough or sneeze and We ALL wash our hands together. We try and make hand washing a fun game with different shaped bars of soap. We have taken her out on her scooter and met up with friends ( 6 feet away) and just remind her that we aren’t touching our friends right now cause we don’t want to get a cold, but that this wont be forever. It’s hard for them to grasp and understand, which is why we are also giving her extra love right now and trying to keep it light and fun at home. We don’t stress in front of her or talk about anything that could scare her. Kids read energy, so we keep it positive! Hope that helps- this is such unchartered territory for all of us.

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Thank you! This helps a lot.

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