Annie Carpenter: Live Glo Q&A on Thursday, April 2nd

Join us on Thursday, April 2nd at 12PM PT for a Live Q&A with Annie Carpenter!

Topic: Navigating lifestages


Namaste Yogis!
Annie here–Can’t wait to hear what each of you is wondering about!

The Ever-Evolving Practice
Beyond the Mat with Annie Carpenter
5 mins • Level 1

Hi Annie! So happy to have you answering my questions today :slight_smile:

I want to provide my mom with some classes to help her stay settled at home during this time. Do you have any recommendations of classes you have created in the past? Thank you!

Hi Annie. Thank you for doing this. Can you advise for working with lower back and hip issues. Basically older age issues.:wink:

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Yay! SO glad you are supporting your Mom! I would start with my beginner’s series if she’s brand new!

Yoga for Newcomers
Hatha with Annie Carpenter
Level 1

Hi Annie! I’m finding books are my ultimate comfort right now. Do you have any recommendations for reading during this time? (Can be yoga philosophy, Buddhism, or something even something totally random)

Hi Annie, I like morning classes and was wondering if it’s important to do the same morning routine or find something new depending on how your feeling? I’m finding that I’m running out or morning classes that pertain to me and was wondering if I’m focusing on the right thing (ie: changing it up with how I’m feeling)?

There are many ways to offer support both physical and mental/emotional!
The most important thing is to keep moving!
Try these classes on low back care–the Glo support team will post them soon.
Also meditations are really helpful–we don’t want to identify with the pain we are feeling.


hi annie!

so happy to have you available to answer our questions :heart:

i was wondering what kind of suggestions you have for maintaining your own personal practice and teaching yoga while keeping up with a 1 year old!
since having my baby, im really struggling to find my balance.



BLUF (Bottom Line Up Front) - Pretty Yoga excludes most middle age men- the people who need yoga the most.

Thanks for doing this Q and A. Yoga is an amazing lifestyle practice especially for people who have moved past their supposed physical prime. I loved what you had to say in Yoga Journal about where yoga has been and what you see needs to change. I’m trying to get my parents more comfortable with yoga- but sometimes, like me, they get turned off by the instructors. My parents (early 60s) and I (early 30s) have all the classic athletic (jock) issues- tight hamstrings, tight shoulders, tight hips. So many of the level 1 class instructors provide options for taking postures to further step. We struggle with downward dog and the seated posture where our left foot touches our inner right thigh and we bend to touch our right foot. It’s very frustrating. On so many practices, this seems to be the case. I feel like this could be an easy thing for an instructor to overlook in a room full of people that have no trouble with the basic moves.

This is one of the many microcosms I notice while practicing. I understand yoga is a spiritual practice. But it seems to be missing the bridge for the guys, and girls, who think that soreness is a proof of purchase for a good workout. Many of these folks grew up with the ’classically masculine’ coach that thought you had to push push push for conditioning and if you couldn’t hack it calling them a ‘pussy’ was an okay form of motivation. These people aren’t ready to jump into ‘juicy’ ‘squishy’ ‘gooey’ poses. Most studios, online or brick and mortar, advertise as welcoming warming places and for many they are. But do you think men with supposed masculinity issues are ready to bust out the bolsters and hop right into a Yin class? Where’s the bridge for these people? I think we can get them to experience all the great benefits of yoga, we just have to keep them in the room for more than 5min.

Thanks for doing this Q and A. You’re a great leader for the yoga community!


I really feel that its important to check in and see what you are needing! Then design a practice --or choose a Glo class --based on that! Try lying on your back in Constructive Rest Position and take some easy breaths… Then allow what is arising to guide you forward!

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Hi Annie,

Sending love from Georgia! What have been your go-to practices that help nourish and ease your own anxiety during this uncertainty? AND what has been the most important thing that you have chosen to offer to your students!

Dear Annie,
Superb to meet you here :pray:
Am a Belgian lady, 52, young at heart though I feel my body is changing.
I love to keep myself healthy, both physical as mental.
Can I ask : how’s your daily practice ? Weekly practice ? What is your focus ?
I think meditation is beneficial for our mind, and focus on strength too ?
Love to hear all your recommendations.
Thanks sooo much, I appreciate :heart:

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Low Back Stabilization
Hatha with Annie Carpenter
30 mins • Level 1-2

Psoas Release
Vinyasa Flow with Annie Carpenter
30 mins • Level 2

Strength for Back Health
Hatha with Annie Carpenter
45 mins • Level 1-2

Let Go
Meditation with Annie Carpenter
5 mins • Level 1-2

Breathing for Times of Change
Breathwork with Annie Carpenter
10 mins • Level 1-2

Hi Ashley!!
For me its the quiet breathing practices that are most helpful! Also, some strong really focussed asana–it takes my mins off all the craziness. Getting outside, too.
The streaming classes are really fun–its been nice to connect before and after, and then offer very specific “” we are going to work on this today!" classes.

Hi Christel!
Great question! For me allowing my practice shift is the key. That means regular meditation and checking in on v subtle levels so I intuitively sense what I need.
Its important to stay strong, physically and mentally, and also to keep a sense of adventure!!
Breathing and Meditation are such guides to know myself and stay real.

Dear Annie, thanks so much for being here tonight (here is 9 pm! :slight_smile: ), I have so many question to ask you, but I will try to be concise. I’ve learnt so much from your classes and courses here, so thank you for sharing your deep knowledge and kindness.

I would like to ask you:

  1. What kind of pranayama or kriya would you suggest in this peculiar moment of vulnerability?
  2. What do you think of yoga and children? I have a strong bias against, but I would love to know what you think about so that I can maybe understand more and change my mind.
  3. What did you focuses more while you understood your body was going to change? I am more in tune with myself now and I try to focus on knowing what I need in the specific moment rather than having an agenda, or maybe trying to be more kind to myself. What was your journey in your 40s?
    Thanks a lot Annie, I cannot express how much I respect you.
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Amy-- First be as patient with you as you are with your baby! My guess is several short practices through the day!! This lifestage is less about you than you’d probably like…
Keep moving and breathing, even if your practice is 10 7 minute practices through the day!!

Wonderful !!! Thank you SO much.

thank you, annie :relaxed:

sending love from Salem, OR!