Anula Maiberg: Live Glo Q&A on Saturday, April 4th

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Topic: Movement for uncertain times


Hey I’m so happy to be here. Thank you so much for joining this conversation about movement strategies during uncertain times.


I am wondering if there some forum on this topic or here we share thoughts?

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Hi Marta! @AnulaMaiberg is live with us on our discussion board. Feel free to ask your questions here or let us know what is on your mind. Thanks for connecting with us!

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Hey Anula,

One of the things that’s been hardest to transition with working out at home is fighting off distractions - whether it’s texts, emails, or just my own internal thoughts. Any suggestions?

Hi Sandy!

Yes. Super distracting. It helps to do shorter workouts. 10-15 at a time vs. an hour of un interrupted practice. Have you tried a quick workout a few times a day yet?

can you give us some advice or daily routine we can use to suport ourselves during uncerten times?


Hope you are well! What is your favorite form of movement during this time? I think we often forget to just let go and move our bodies in a fun way. And what is your favorite way to just let go and disconnect from the craziness?

Thank you!!

Yes. Thats a great question. I have found that it’s not the movement but the consistency. I made myself a promise to move anyhow every day at 12:00PM. So not matter what I do… rolling around with a props, stretching, taking a guided movement class etc I will do this every day at the same time. I also think its really helpful to invite other ppl to join. Create a meeting for you and a friend to move together. Take the same class on Glo and talk to each other. Its very motivating.

thank you , sounds great.

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Hi Marcela!

I have found that functional movement or Animal Flow are really helping me feel more sane and connected. Doing things that make me feel successful or in control. I did take a Vinyasa class the other day. It was awesome. If you can find classes where there is more “rolling around” meaning: more about being present and less about being in perfect alignment or best form I think you might be able to get out of your head. So short answer: Functional Training, Animal Flow or Vinyasa!

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Anula, Yeah! Thank you so much for your time today on the live Glo Chat! How have you been doing with the current worldly quarantine situation? My husband and I both love your classes!! Actually your classes are the only ones my husband will do in entirety. Seriously - example, this morning I was doing a yoga class here on Glo, he came upstairs did a Spinx pose and a Pigeon and was done. When I put on your classes he actually will do the whole class. Especially since I am a fitness and yoga teacher I was curious and asked him what it is about your classes that keep him moving from beginning to end - he said they engage his interest, he is actually able to do the movements, and feels successful at it! I would love to know if you have a process or inspiration when creating your classes. They are engaging, creative, and you have such an awesome fun personality!!

That is so sweet and incredible to hear. Thank you so much!

That’s funny because many of my students and my assistant while teaching are men. So maybe in the back of my mind I have ideas that will encourage them to stay engaged and feel accomplished. I also borrow a lot of ideas from traditional training so that is sometimes a gender neutral choice. The founder of Pilates was a man. Joseph Pilates and his method was extremely masculine before it evolved into what it is now. I try to stick to the roots and maybe that vibe comes across? Thank you so much for this awesome feedback!


No yet, I’ll try it out! Thanks Anula :relaxed:

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Hi Anula!! Do you have any suggestions for teachers keeping private clients engaged and positive during this time while teaching remotely?


I try to keep classes really small so I get a chance to talk to each student. With private sessions I budget time for talking as well. So we move for 45 min and then we have time to catch up and feel connected for the remainder of the time. Mostly folks need to see someone they know and miss seeing in person. The movement is secondary. I spend a lot of time letting them talk about their family or pets or various frustrations. Its what’s keeping all of us engaged and feel seen.


Awesome I will definitely try those they sound awesome! Thanks so much :slight_smile:

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I love this:) It is so nice to feel connected right now! :pray: Thank you:)

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