Back Hernia! Spinal Trainning?

Hi to all!

Ello sadly there some yoga classic move I have to stop - at this instant! I suffer from a lower back hernia since many years…But there many type of yoga I can’t do anymore (Since I don’t want to enjure myself even more) So it’s there a fews peoples here with the same back problem who can share their class or even better. Share some Spinal Classes if ever you have found any? - regards Val

My physiotherapist want me to follow the exercices in this book! It’s there any classes here about this topic?

Hi Val! While we are unable to be prescriptive in recommending a class for a specific medical need we do have a number of classes that you may find beneficial. We do recommend and feel it is important that you consult your doctor prior to undertaking any kind of exercise regimen. I will link them below!

Release Neck, Shoulder & Spine Tension
Hatha with Alex van Frank
10 mins • Level 1

Spinal Soothing Hatha
Hatha with Felicia Tomasko
30 mins • Level 1

Strength For A Safe Spine
Mat Pilates with Anula Maiberg
20 mins • Level 1-2

Supple Spine
Yin with Felicia Tomasko
60 mins • Level 2