Backbends After Dislocated Shoulder

Wishing all good health and happiness!
Backbends have been part of my practice for years. 2yrs ago I dislocated my left shoulder. Just started practicing backbends again and can only get to the crown of my head. I can’t seem to push up. Any advice? Thanks so much for your feedback!

Hi Abbie,

Thanks so much for writing in! Sorry about your shoulder but happy to hear you are practicing again! I would always recommend first asking your doctor what your limitations and risks could be and make sure you are safely entering and exiting the pose. We are not prescriptive in recommending classes. I also suggest rebuilding the strength in your shoulders and upper arms as well as using props such as blocks, straps, and the wall until you can fully get into wheel pose or Urdhva Dhanurasana.

Another thing I learned in my teacher training how to get off the crown of your head is by doing these few steps.

Lie on your back in supine, bend your knees and bring your feet as close to your sitting bones as possible. Bend elbows, spread your palms on the floor framing your head with fingers pointing towards shoulders.

Actively pressing your feet into the floor, exhale and life your tailbone up, firmly lifting the buttocks, reaching the pelvis up. Then finally firmly press down on both hands lifting and allowing the shoulder blades to come together.

I also find this helpful to have my feet facing the wall so they don’t slip. Also, practice bridge and stretch out your shoulders as warm up.

Remember to LISTEN to your body. If something doesn’t feel right, notice that sensation and see what it is telling you!

I am going to suggest classes to help!

Pose Goals: Reinvent Your Wheel
Hatha with Amy Ippoliti
Level 1-2

Upward Facing Dog Tutorial
Hatha with Jodi Blumstein
15 mins • Level 1-2

Heart and Mind Opening
Hatha with Annie Carpenter
20 mins • Level 1-2

Supported Backbend and Savasana
Restorative with Felicia Tomasko
10 mins • Level 1-2

Deep Backbend Flow
Vinyasa Flow with Kathryn Budig
60 mins • Level 2

Backbend Flow
Vinyasa Flow with Stephanie Snyder
30 mins • Level 2

Please let me know how you like these! Namaste.

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Hi Melody!
Thanks so much for your reply and wonderful class recommendations! I will definitely check them out. It’s just so strange to have been able to pop right up in backbends and now, still, only being able to get to the crown of my head. Hopefully taking the classes will prep me to a full wheel.
Wishing you good health and happiness.

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Totally understand,I bet that feels weird, but you will soon regain the strength, everyone at Glo believes in you! Please keep me updated on your progress!

Thanks for your kindness! Will do.
All the best,