Cheap Thrills

Hi fellow Glo members,
I may be a yogi but I think I’ll always love fizzy drinks and crisps (chips in the US). I generally try to eat ‘fairly’ mindfully and in a health promoting way though.
With that in mind I’m looking for inspiration for cheap, simple foods that are the most health promoting. Obviously fresh fruit and veg that’s in season, wholegrains, lean/plant-based proteins are a good start but I was just wondering if any one had any inspiration for me. It has to be simple and cheap please - no Mongolian tree root, hummingbird tongue & raw locust smoothies please!

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Hi! I’ve learned quite a bit from this website (it’s also a magazine).
It’s inspired me to create my own fusion concoctions too! For instance, the other day I made a Yellow Squash and Mushroom Pesto dish. The squash was the substitute for pasta, but you could always incorporate pasta to make it a more hearty meal. Hope this helps.

Hi Joy,
I’m sorry for the slow reply. I only just saw this post. Ooh your squash and pesto dish sounds scrummy!
I had stumbled across that website recently in fact but only in passing. With your recommendation though I’ll have a proper look. Thank you for the tip.