Classes for ACL recovery


I had ACL reconstruction in January (so 5 months post-op). Do you have any advice on glo classes I can take and modifications I can make to not threaten my recovery. I noticed Amy Ippoliti had a “modifications for chronic knee injuries” class but that isn’t the quite the same thing. Would it be appropriate?


Hi Rachel,

Thank you so much for posting to the community! That is great you are looking on Glo for ways to build strength and recover! I would always recommend checking with your doctor before taking any class and remember to listen to your body as you go through these classes. If you ever experience any pain, notice that sensation and listen to it. Our bodies are our most powerful tools! I would also recommend using props such as blankets, double up the mat and blocks to help protect yourself as you rebuild this strength. I always do this when I am feeling a bit achy and fragile in the knees!

Here are some classes I recommend trying! Please let me know what you like and don’t like!

Fragile Knees
Iyengar with Marla Apt
20 mins • Level 1

Build Knee Stability
Hatha with Tias Little
30 mins • Level 1

Protect Your Knees
Hatha with Amy Ippoliti
15 mins • Level 1

Building Better Bones in Yoga
Hatha with Tias Little
30 mins • Level 2