Classes for mild kyphosis

Hello! I am looking for class and collection recommendations specifically for mild kyphosis (rounding of the back). I’ve seen a few classes but am trying to find a full lineup to practice regularly. To improve posture, essentially. Thank you!!


Hi @kschnackenberg! Here are some class recommendations, just make sure you listen to your body and don’t push it too much. Slow and steady :slight_smile:

Restore Your Posture
Restorative with Jason Crandell
30 mins • Level 1

Counteract Slouching with Simple Backbends
Yin with Felicia Tomasko
10 mins • Level 2

Slouch Antidote!
Mat Pilates with Kit Rich
20 mins • Level 1-2

Back Strength for Better Posture
Yoga Conditioning with Marc Holzman
30 mins • Level 2

Posture Perfect
Hatha with Jason Crandell
20 mins • Level 2

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Check out Tias Little here. Such a great posture reset

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