Cramps! Help please

What are your favourite classes for when you have menstrual cramps (or bloating)? I have found a few but imagine there are more hidden where I haven’t found them, as most are not so easy to find out with all the fancy language I have no patience for when I’m doubled up on the sofa. I’ve started my own collection that includes Don’t cramp my style, Relieve cramps and bloating, and On your flow, and a few others but I’d like more options given it doesn’t take long to get through these.

Thanks in advance!

try gate pose and supported bridge to loosen the cramps up! *(:

Hi, I love this class
It’s not specific for menstrual cramps, but it think it is very effective.
Hope that helps!

Thanks! I’ve saved it for next month :upside_down_face:

Hi Kal!

Thank you so much for writing in! I totally feel your pain!

I am going to recommend a collection with 14 amazing classes! I would check these out!

Please let me know how you like them! Namaste.

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I love this one, when I’m on my periode:

Don't Cramp My Style
Vinyasa Flow with Sara Clark
30 mins • Level 2