Dice Iida-Klein: Live Glo Q&A on Tuesday, April 14th

Join us on Tuesday, April 14th at 12PM PDT for a Live Q&A with Dice Iida-Klein!


Hey my fellow yogis! I’m excited to be answering your questions today! Bring em’ on :smile:


Hey Dice - first of all, thank you for all your classes, which are keeping me sane while I’m on lockdown in London. Second, thanks for getting up early to do this! Third, I was wondering if you have any tips on varying the length of your practice each day in order to build strength. I have a couple of niggling sporting injuries, in my wrist and in my neck, which are limiting my ability to get my strength levels back up to where they used to be, and are making some more intensive poses (e.g. handstands) more challenging than they were a few years ago…

Not a question, just want to share some love. Your flows always help make me feel so strong and you also help to make all the intense balancing poses and inversions look SO EASY and accomplishable by everyone! It blows my mind. I appreciate your flows, thank you for teaching the way that you do.

Hey Alistair-

Happy to be of service :slight_smile: First and foremost, especially when it comes to hand balancing and time on the hands, I would say a proper warmup is key. Wrist ROM’s has been a lifesaver for me and I know as the injuries have piled up for me too over time. As for lengthening the time of practicing, slower is better. You can build strength slowly and mindfully and this will give way to more productive and possibly longer practices. I hope that helps!

I love your classes because they challenge me!
Question: Have you ever had a knee (or any other type) injury and how did you recover and return to your practice? What do you think is the most important way to avoided injury?

Hey Arod-

Thank you so much for the love! Sending love right back at ya :slight_smile: I hope you are keeping healthy and well during these challenging times.

Hi Dice,
I’ve been suffering from intermittent, but quite persistent, lower back pain (muscle spasm) for the past 10 years. After over 20 years of yoga, I am now experimenting with strength training, as stretching doesn’t seem to be helping much. In that light I’ve started taking more of your classes. They tend to be more physically challenging than most yoga classes. After each class, my back in sore, but a few hours later feels a lot better, and unsurprisingly I get the DOMS the next day. How long would you recommend me to rest in between classes?
Thanks, Loki

Dice - Thank you for being one of my fave yoga instructors! My question is how you stay focused on the actual practice and set aside the ‘dogma’ of yoga. I oftentimes find myself irritated with the conversations about yoga that seem to take away from the practice itself. Any words of wisdom? Thanks!

Hey Dice,

Thanks for being an inspirational teacher! My question involves straight leg hand stand lifts from forward fold and then straight leg floats from Down dog to the top of the mat. I know you talk about the importance of plugging the femurs into the hip joints, but wondering if you can offer some other pointers on accomplishing these transitions? Are there any good drills you suggest? Thank you and I hope to join you in Bali when the next retreat happens.


Dice, you da best!

Thanks for all the pointers on posture during videos. I’m a hyper-extender and really appreciate all the reminders. Looks like we’re all dealing with some injuries here. How do you deal with injuries and remember to be kind to yourself? Sometimes easier said than done.

I would love to know how you balance your practice within yoga. I have a tendency to focus overly on things I really like (arm balancing!) and so tend to get a lot of tension in upper back and shoulders.

Hi Stretchyfletchy-

I’m glad you’re enjoying the classes!

To answer your question [quote=“Stretchyfletchy, post:10, topic:107, full:true”] YES. I was a runner earlier in my life and after excessive miles on these legs, I began to feel the repercussions as I got older. I’ve found that the health of my joints is the primary thing to focus on, so that means focusing on the supporting muscles like the front of the shin (tibialus anterior), as well as the hamstrings and quads. More strengthening aspects to these areas should help the knee joint feel stronger and supported. I hope that helps!

Dear Dice,

love your classes on Glo so much, thanks for your great work!

I have a question on progress in Yoga. Although I‘m practicing as much as it is possible while taking care of my little son (this means about 45 mins to 1 hour a day while he takes a nap), I‘m noticing no progress.

I‘m working on a few poses which I hope to acchieve someday (some of them where already part of my practice prior to my pregnancy), but nothing changes. I somehow feel stuck and a little bit tired in my personal practice now. A few years ago, this was completely different and working on new poses was fun and play.

Did you ever feel something like this too? Do you have any advise for me to bring playfullness and ease back to my practice?

Hi Loki-

I’m glad to hear you’re enjoying the classes. The truth is, stretching is an important element to any practice, but the strengthening aspect is just as important, and sometimes in the yoga practice this can be overlooked. Soreness is good, persistent pain is not :slight_smile:

As far as rest is concerned, I would recommend listening to your own body as I don’t know what your recovering time looks and feels like. But if I had to guess, a day off (maybe two) after 3,4,5 days of consistent practice is a good idea. If soreness persists, it can be the body’s way of asking for more downtime. I hope that helps!

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It does, thanks! I’ve started building those shorter warm-up videos into the beginning of my practice but will do so more regularly, and will also try pairing them with some of the shorter flows. :pray:t3:

Dice! Ohhhhh I was so excited to see you were doing one of these chats. I am a fitness and yoga teacher. I have a 20+ year yoga practice. I love all styles of yoga and all teachers. Though you are the only teacher I have found online or in person that really challenges me physically. And I LOVE THAT!!! I adore trying, learning, and discovering new things from your classes. Even your beginner classes I love doing and gain so much insight from! You really think/create outside the box yet keep impeccable alignment cues, structure, etc. I am curious about two things - what inspires you in your teaching as well as in your personal practice. And the other question, do you do anything other than yoga to create additional upper body strength (as well as core strength) for those incredible arm balances you rock? Thank you so much for your time today and for your all your classes!!!


Hi Dice! I love your classes also, and want to pile onto this question. I have never quite found the float from downward facing dog to top of mat, would love any advice on how to approach it. For example, is it less about raw shoulder strength, but rather some smarter way of applying one’s shoulders? Or not about the shoulders at all?


Hey Spicy-

Thanks for chiming in! And thanks for practicing with me at GLO :slight_smile:

As for your question, the answer is simple…at least to me. I practice the yoga of not entering the convos. Meaning, I choose to remove myself from groups, feeds, forums, etc that deal with conversations I don’t enjoy reading or being a part of. The internet is a marvelous place, and it gives power to all of us. We have to remember there is also power in not being a part of it in the ways we deem possible. I hope that answers your question. Practice on my fellow yogi!


Hi Dice,
It does, thank you! I’ve been taking Sundays off, but maybe I should add in Wednesdays as another rest day… Hard to bridle the enthusiasm now that I’m going through a good spell.
See you in one of your upside down classes!

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