Drinking water

I’ve realized in recent years that I really don’t like the taste of water, and therefore, I hardly drink it. I am admittedly quite unhealthy with my food intake and consume heavily sugar based drinks. Coca cola is my sugar drink of choice at the moment and even when I’m feeling under the weather, i reach for it instead of water. How can I condition myself to drink water?


I have had my sugar modes, but found out that making a choice, say 8 big glasses over the day - or gulp a glass at the sink and bring one with me to my desk - is one helper.

And then I pick a few other good ‘comfort drinks’ like hot tea with a little sugar (here black tea is a good substitute, when I feel a little frazzled) and coconut water to go along with it, and in a few days I don’t really feel like sugary drinks - and grow the habit of drinking more water in general. I sleep better, my mood is better - look better and more clear eyed too.

It’s also a really great way to lose a coffee habit :blush:

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Water enhancers! I’ve significantly upped my water intake by just adding a little bit of flavour from the water enhancers into my water bottles. There are all natural ones like Stur that are avaliable as well.

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Water can get boring at times! And I prefer a carbonated, sweetened beverage many times! But I know that I feel so much better after drinking more water! Especially after a cup or two of coffee, I am craving water. For many, it’s a matter of habit building. I would say try starting small. For instance, I try to drink at least one glass of water right after waking up. Also, I do yoga in the mornings, so it’s nice to have some hydration in the body before I head into my practice. I also try to have water readily available nearby whether in glass or a bottle, ready to go. Whenever I feel a slump coming on, I drink water! The benefits feel amazing!

I suggest tea. It tastes great, you can choose from many actual tea types, or herbal tisanes, it comes chock full of many important vitamins and minerals, and, most importantly, it’s about 99% water. Which makes it a perfect replacement for water. Best part about tisane blends (which is just the name for any type of herbal blend that isn’t the tea leaves from the tea tree), is that you can find many sweet ones to help with the sugar cravings if you’re trying to cut it down or out. I suggest looking for tea shops in your area if you’re interested, especially ones that offer classes or lectures in tea, or at least information. One place I can recommend is Sipping Streams, they’re a shop in Fairbanks Alaska, the owner offers many classes in tea, and I believe she’s internationally certified.

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I recommend thinking about food issues and solutions as either ‘surface level fixes’ vs ‘root cause level fixes’. Surface level tips & hacks are important (I don’t discredit them), but we must accept they are surface level, like bandaids fixes. The problem with fixing only the surface is that it is unsustainable, and that’s where fixing the root cause comes into play. The huge problem with fixing the root cause is that it is really hard (well only in the beginning, then it gets easy), and not everyone is ready for it. I myself, sure as hell wasn’t ready for it for a long time, but I got to a point where I just had enough, of food messing up my mental state, food giving me energy boosts and crashes. I just want to be zen level energy throughout the day, not go roller coaster up and down, and some days feeling more anxious and some days feeling unnecessarily super excited. Now after more than year of doing it, that is making a commitment to change my relationship to food, previous viewing food as something primarily for enjoyment (this is what most people do in modern society) and changing this to viewing food as something primary for fuel and medicine- I can now proudly say I do not eat any sugar and my body has ZERO cravings for sugar. Mentally I might sometimes miss eating reeces buttercups, but physically I don’t crave it at all. Plus, I’ve learnt how to bake my own healthy peanut butter cups using natural sweetners (in technical terms, natural sweetners like monk fruit, are ones that do not spike blood sugar levels). Imagine if you went 48 hours fasting, of eating and drinking nothing, then afterwards the very first sip of water will taste amazing, right, that’s just simple logic. The “natural” cravings of your body for food, is towards real, unprocessed, natural foods, and you can bring your body back to this state. Your body already knows this knowledge, because its natural knowledge. Maybe you can think of it like a cigarette addiction problem. It takes time and commitment to ween off of nicotine, but it sure is possible. So, I recommend taking the time the study and understand the end goal, bringing your body back to the natural state of having super cravings for real natural foods, and once you’ve understood this, plan a roadmap of steps (many small steps) towards reaching that goal. Namaste :sunny:


If you need some more motivation, Youtube the word sugar. You will learn a lot about how bad processed sugar actually is for your body.

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