Elena Brower: Live Glo Q&A on Thursday, April 23rd

Join us on Thursday, April 23rd at 12PM PDT for a Live Q&A with Elena Brower!


Welcome to you. Please feel free to ask me anything you wish - personal, yoga, meditation, business… i’m right here.


Don’t be shy… i’m ready for you!

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What does wealth mean to you? e.g., what does it feel like in your life? how do you examine and set goals around it?

What classes would you recommend to move the energy through your body? Right now mine is “stuck” and creating alot of tightness in the stomach, shoulders and neck.

Hi Elena, Thanks for taking the time and answering our questions. Do you have any recommendations on asanas which help re-gaining flexibility and health in knees after an injury?

Wealth is health, wealth is community, wealth is connection, wealth is philanthropy. How about you?

Hi Elena, and thanks for all of your inspiring classes! I am Italian and I am a “new” mom (my baby is 9 months old).
After the isolation of the first months as mom, I was looking forward to going back to work and to social life, when the coronavirus stroke Italy. Notwithstanding the help of my husband, on certain days I feel really down and it’s very hard to get out of that mood.

You mention in your classes that you’re not supposed to do pranayama when you feel depressed or anxious, which is my case. I was wondering why, and if you have other recommendations to stand in front of strong emotions (in addition to practicing regularly). Thanks a lot and namasté!


Hi Elena,

What an honour to meet you this way !
I’m very passionate about yoga and I especially love your classes that are focussed on women issues. Being in my early fifties, I experience many changes through my body and I love to embrace them with gratitude. We cannot stop age.
Love to hear all your advice on how to stay healthy through menopause.
Actually I’d love some specific classes on it … any chance you’ll plan something like this on Glo ?
How do you keep yourself healthy both physical and mental ? I assume meditation is something I should pay attention to ?
Looking forward to your reply.
Greetz from Belgium :innocent:

Tadasana, lifting and lowering your toes, to strengthen the connections around the knee… that’s a perfect place to begin!

I just launched a meditation for this; it’s called Time Out For Caregivers but the concept is to move stagnancy… check it out for possible relevance…

Many thanks.

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Hi Elena! What is your best advice for feeling stagnant? I have been working from home for awhile and I’m starting to feel like I can’t be as productive anymore (which I hate feeling). I feel stagnant in many ways… there are things I am doing in my personal life that I know aren’t right for me, but I can’t seem to move on from past relationships (stagnant again). I need to rejuvenate! I am not experienced whatsoever in yoga, but I have a long history with dancing (which I loved deeply) so any knowledge you can spread I am all ears!

Welcome to the club! I’ll be 50 this year and have never felt better. There are a couple of Programs, Self Care for Women in particular that could be perfect for you… Meditation is absolutely vital for me to keep my mind easeful, strong and steady… add in some of the Pilates classes along with your yoga, which i find to be strengthening in all the best ways!

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Hi Elena -

I graduated from my 200 hr in January and taught 8 studio classes. I haven’t felt the push/motivation to move to online classes but rather I’ve been concentrated on my own practice during these past weeks. I’m struggling with the question should I try it or trust that I will know when the time is right?

@Sharonandjoeridgeway Here it is!

Time Out for Caregivers
Audio Meditation with Elena Brower
10 mins • Level 1-2

First of all, love the dancing bit and perhaps you can book yourself a 20 minute window each day for DANCING…!!! For classes, I have aa few that i love, check in my 45 and 60 minute durations for recent classes that will help you move energy… i love running hill sprints every other day to help me stay fresh, and i don’t miss my meditations in the morning (and some evenings, too)… that is crucial for my body and mind to stay stable. I have a few meditations here that you’d love too.

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Hi, Elena,
You are ma favorite yoga teacher on Glo!
I have a question: can you please tell us more about your daily routine (waking up and going to bed times, etc.). What daily routines do you follow?
Thank you in advance.


@Christel Here is the Self-Care for Women Program :blush:

Self-Care for Women: Practices for Resilience and Grace
Hatha with Elena Brower
Level 1-2

Great question… perfect for this time. I’m encouraging my colleagues to go for it. Why? Especially since you’ve had plenty of time for your own practice, take a few notes on what’s lighting you up, set up a Zoom and a payment account, invite a few friends to donate what they can for your work online. It’s a gift you give, but also a gift you receive.