Face-held stress release

Hi friends,
Over the past year, as I’ve done more yoga, I’ve become to know myself more. I’m now aware that I hold almost all my tension, stress, anxiety and so forth in my face. Without knowing it my facial muscles are often very tight. Has anyone come across some kind of progressive muscular relaxation specifically for the face? I can let go of the tension once I notice it but I’d like to help my facial muscles get a workout and thus release tension too. I wasn’t sure whether post this in mind or move for obvious reasons!
I’m aiming to look as serene and glowing as Kia Miller :wink:

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Oh yes! I do this all the time with essentially clenching my face muscles all the time - without even knowing! It’s so nice to catch myself and then just relax my face.

Love Kia! Also Felicia! She has this class that I love: https://www.glo.com/class/6150

A double whammy of suggestions from you, thank you! I will play with the meditation timer later today and have also added Felicia’s face class that you recommended to my to-do list. it sounds like just what my RBF needs. (A slightly ugly term but one I learnt from a dear American clients. The Queen also complains of suffering from a face that can look grumpy if inanimate so we’re in good company.)