Falling asleep during Nidra and meditations

Hi Glo-ers,
I’m the last person in the world who would naturally be drawn to meditation. I have no dimmer switch and move at 100% or am flat out! I suppose that’s why I really need to learn to meditate. My problem is that I either plan shopping lists, work presentations, or otherwise daydream when I should be paying attention or I fall fast asleep. Is there any benefit from meditating if I allow myself to fall asleep. Should I really try to stay awake and not drift off? I’d love to hear your experiences and be convinced that I shouldn’t just fall asleep each time perhaps.
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I’ve only started meditating recently and I experienced (sometimes still do experience) very similar issues. I find myself struggling to focus, drifting off and I have woken up a couple of times realising it’s getting dark outside!
How do you meditate? I used to do it lying down but now I do it sitting upright on a chair, not leaning against the back with my feet pressed firmly into the floor. I find being in this position is more conducive to alertness and focus.
Also, have you tried using headphones? They help me really zone in and stop me getting so distracted.

Good luck!

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Hi Lara, sorry for my tardy reply, I’ve only just seen you’re reply. I think you’re correct both about sitting up and using headphones. I’m still (aren’t we always?) learning so will keep you posted…
Thanks again!

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Ooof I have definitely been there! If I start falling asleep, I stop meditating. I honestly don’t know if this is a good idea. But if I’m falling asleep while meditating, it kinda defeats the purpose for me. I’d rather just take a nap at that point. I tend to meditate in the mornings when I have a bit more alertness or energy. So that helps me stay awake and not feel sleepy. I notice though if I do feel sleepy, a few deep breathes usually help wake me up and refocus. But also, if I am dehydrated and go into meditation, I notice I do get a little sleepy. I definitely would try sitting up and meditating if you are sleepy.

Have you tried the Meditation timer on Glo? It’s so cool! You can even add interval timers and a background sound like a mountain stream. That helps me a ton with focus!

Oh Yippee! Thanks for the kick up the bottom. I’d seen the meditation timer many times but not investigated it yet (TBH I’d need 6 months to get to know and try all the features/teachers/functionalities of Glo!)
I love that one can add sound to it and and noises. I’ve become more keen on interval bells recently. I wonder if one of the background noises is chanting? I will definitely investigate this today… watch this space.
Thank you!

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Hi again, I’ve just tried the timer which is great, thanks for the tip. I couldn’t get the intervals to work though. Am I missing something? Also there’s no chanting sadly. I find many of the background noises v soothing but higher pitched than I like normally. I’ll try mountain stream again. I tend to avoid ones which I think will make me need the loo. How daft and probably ill founded of me :rofl:

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I did this class the other night in bed and 100% fell into a deep sleep at some point during it. But also that was kind of my intention so personally I think using meditation to fall asleep is great!

Yoga Nidra for Vital Ease
Meditation with Rod Stryker
15 mins

Hi Augusta!
I think different meditations have different purposes. For example, I love yoga nidra and I have heard from multiple teachers that you’ll get the most benefit from staying awake to hear the directions, but I fall asleep pretty much every time and I still feel better afterwards. It’s like a supercharged nap!
If you do want to stay awake to get the mental benefits of meditation, I agree with the folks who have said to practice sitting rather than lying down and earlier in the day if you can. Focus and attention take practice just like strengthening our muscles so keep consistent and hopefully over time you will notice a difference. :slight_smile:
Also, Pema Chodron has said something along the lines of, if you are falling asleep when you meditate, that might be what your body (and mind) need the most. Don’t underestimate the power of rest as well as meditation! Peace~

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Hello Samantha Moon,
Ahh… and exhale. What a lovely reply! I have grown to very much adore my meditations and am surprised to find I’m falling asleep In them less. I very much agree with what you say about relaxation being a muscle. I’d never heard of Pema Chodron before so thank you - I’ll investigate him/her/it/them.

Oh, I’ve just googled her and she reminds me hugely of my step-aunt Swami Pragyamurti Saraswati of the Satyananda Yoga Centre in London. :)) slight_smile: