Favorite Glo Meditations

I’ve been very consistent with morning meditation lately and have been thrilled with the results. I’m much less stressed and reactive. I’ve been using apps other than Glo. Give me your favorite 5-10 minute meditations from Glo that would be good for mornings.


Rod Stryker
Kia Miller
Anne Carpenter
Elena Brower
Stephanie Snyder
Taylor Harkness Singing bowl 20min class is amazing.
Try Yoga Nidra :heart:

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@Namaste123 Welcome to the Glo Community! In the morning, I love to practice a quick meditation before I get my day started. These are a few of my favorite. Enjoy!:sun_with_face:

Empower Your Morning
Audio Meditation with Marc Holzman
10 mins • Level 1

Start Your Day with Focus and Clarity
Audio Meditation with Jason Crandell
10 mins • Level 1

Kick Your Day Off on the Right Foot
Meditation with Tiffany Cruikshank
5 mins • Level 1-2

Welcome a Lovely Day
Meditation with Amy Ippoliti
10 mins • Level 1-2
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I set out to really try to develop a consistent meditation practice and took every class Sally Kempton has on Glo - did one a day. They are longer, averaging 20 minutes, but I found it an immensely gratifying process and highly recommend. And, I also love Marc’s Empower Your Morning class - great suggestion

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I just did this Kathryn 5 minute meditation and thought it was lovely.https://www.glo.com/class/8742

Hey Jeanne!!! I never thought to try Sally Kempton and Marc’s Empower Your Morning class. Thank you for those suggestions, and I would love to try them. I have been mainly using Rod Stryker, and Kia Miller. I have found those ones, I had liked a lot and found them effective, but I also like to try new people. I would love to try and see what I feel as the difference as well.