Fear and to accept and control it

I am in Italy. And we are experiencing a really difficult time. It seems to be in a dystopian film. We don’t know what will happen tomorrow and we can really only try to live today. Accepting uncertainty, learning to live with it and making it a companion. Since yesterday we are all obliged not to leave our homes, except for serious reasons. This for at least a month.
I don’t hide that I’m afraid: for me, for my loved ones, for friends, for everyone. I tell myself that this is the real yoga: don’t let me get tossed by the storm, by the emotions … but it’s not easy to stay calm and centered. But it’s up to me, to us. I can not do anything. So I accept what comes: fear, anger, laughter and practical practical practical. With Jason, Amy, Kathryn. The meditations, unfortunately, I can’t follow them very well because of the language and, by the way, sorry for the mistakes :slight_smile: And thanks.


Hi Aminda,

We want you to know that we are here for you at Glo, and we want to support you in any way we can during these times of uncertainty. We are sending you so much love and strength and please know that our community here, and on our Facebook page are safe places of comfort and aid. I am going to link a few classes from your favorite teachers that you can practice at home, and can hopefully ease some of the burden you may be feeling:

Cultivate Relaxation and Contentment through Movement
Hatha with Jason Crandell
45 mins • Level 2

Release Stress, Build Strength & Stamina
Vinyasa Flow with Amy Ippoliti
30 mins • Level 2

Get Grounded Amid Chaos Yoga
Vinyasa Flow with Kathryn Budig
60 mins • Level 2

Please never hesitate to reach out to your community on Glo, we are here to help and wish you a safe and restful rest of your day :dizzy:


Hi Aminda, I first saw your post on facebook and I have been thinking of you and wondering how you are going?


Thanks HarperM. I really appreciate Glo’s support and closeness right now.
We are a wonderful community.


Hi Sally, we are at home.
we are at home. We cannot go out and we are helplessly witnessing an increase in the infection.
It’s not easy.

But this is and we must live with what is there. Peacefully if we can.

Thanks for your presence <3


Hi Aminda, I am in Italy as well (Tuscany) and I totally understand you. Please surround yourself with people you love and do something that can really help and support you in this journey.

I would strongly suggest you some of Annie Carpenter’s meditation, but if you need any help with the translation please let me know, I would be happy to do it for you. A little act of love :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I am sorry to hear things aren’t improving, hang in there. I have family spread all over the world and it is a strange feeling to know we can’t get to each other if we needed to. I have a quote from my favourite meditation (not from Glo sorry!) that goes “Fear is useless in these times, Trust, however, is paramount”. I’ve been hanging onto that one in these times on uncertainty. Elena Brower has a great class I did YEARS ago and I have never forgotten it. In it she says “I am the prayer, I am the one who prays, and I am the one who answers”. It was so powerful for me at the time when I was going through a really tough time with illness. Reach out anytime, much love to you and your family and your country x https://www.glo.com/class/1379

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Grazie Auriga.
È importante, in questo momento, sentire che qualcuno che sta vivendo le stesse cose.

Thanks Sally. I’ll watch it!

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Lots of love from North Carolina! They just announced community spread here today. We will get through this and be stronger for it. :hugs:

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We are feeling the same here in Luxemburg. Not being able to connect with loved ones is hard & worrying about their health. We are seriously using online forums, even planning online cocktail hour. Yogaglo is helping a lot to keep me sane…

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Wishing you the best where you are. We are under a sudden mandatory “stay at home” order (basically a lockdown) in California. Everything has changed so quickly here for us in a short time, it’s surreal. Please take care of yourselves.

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It’s true. It seems to be in a dystopian film.
Take care of yourself. It will pass.

That’s it, Gigi. From one moment to the next we lost the chance to see the people we love and do the things we did quietly.
Maybe this pandemic will teach us something.

Take care of you.

Yes Bethanie,
We are all strong :muscle:

Hi Aminda,
sending you love from Brazil.
We are all one <3

Sending you love and peace from New York. It’s been tough here, and only getting worse. This is the first time i was able to get myself into my yoga studio for a week - I am a health care worker. It has grounded me tremendously. Thanks for sharing. Stay safe. <3

Sending love and peace from South Carolina. So grateful for Glo and the chance to do yoga from home at any old time. I’m hoping it can help me create structure for my now wide-open days and weeks. I hope you find structure and support in the groundlessness we are all now experiencing.
Grace & peace,

Good evening Aminda!!! Up until now, I have not the chance to read everyone’s post and all of your posts. I am writing here from Canada, probably one of the lesser of the countries to be hit. However in saying this, my deepest prayers go out to you. I know it has be so hard, since as I have heard so much about what you are going through. Even though I have heard, I can only imagine what you are facing in reality is very different.

I will say, I am very thankful to see such a forum, and the bond of people together, who are strangers to one another, but in the toughest time, and darkest moments, people have come together and bonded. I will say, the love vibration, is such strong and powerful vibration, and this is what we need. Unfortunately, there is a lot of fear and negativity, but we all have to have faith that we will all get through this. (I do not know how to explain it, but I know we will).

We just have to. In all of this, I would have to say, the amazing part, is the fact that we all have done, yoga and meditation. These are the greatest skill sets to acquire, because, this is what most importantly has helped us to even cope even with the slightest with all these emotions. These are heavy emotions, and this is the best time to practice handling these emotions. (If you can handle this, trust me, you can handle anything- this is a great test, which I know we all do not want to hear).

I am just so thankful, that through this hard time, you have managed to gain the strength to perform yoga. This says a lot of your mental strength, despite everything you are facing and going through.

Remember, everything happens for a reason, and things happen for a reason, and we all cross paths for a reason. I know it is not something you might want to hear, but, you have become even a stronger person whether you realize it or not. On top of that, you have not let fear to penetrate so deeply, since you have been able to manage and face it.

I also, have to say, it is amazing to see such a community develop from such bad times. This is a great positive, and we are all so grateful to come and cross paths with one another.

(Even though language might be a barrier for some of the videos, I have found Kia Miller’s meditation stuff so effective). It helps remove deep emotions, and can help you feel lighter- even if it is for a couple of hours or minutes. Even if you cannot meditate for long, then try meditating for at least twice a day. It does help. I have found myself, during these times, meditating twice a day. It has helped me to cope with the energy in the universe and the emotions as well.

I will continue to send positive thoughts, of love and many blessings. I have faith you will get through this, and be proud you are strong enough to have a voice, and have it not muted by the power of fear.

Hope you have been able to stay safe!