Fine tuning poses

Does anyone have a set of classes they recommend to help them fine tune their poses? For example, one that focuses on half moon, one that focuses on crow, etc?

Hey there pintoj! Thank you for this question! I recommend utilizing the search filters on the platform to filter by Focus --> Basics --> How to’s (sub-filter that will populate below). This is a helpful place to start your exploration of fine-tuning specific poses.

We also recommend searching by the name of the pose either in Sanskrit or English to populate the class offerings relating to that specific pose.

For Half Moon, here are some helpful classes:

Short and Powerful Flow
Standing Asanas
Listen to your Body
Strengthen your outer Hips and Core
Before and After
Morning Hatha Yoga Video

For Crow and other arm balances, you might find the below classes/programs helpful:

Build Into Arm Balances
Build Your Arm Balance Practice: Bakasana
Crows & Bows
Give Yourself Credit