Glo classes for improving strength after necrotizing fasciitis or the flesh eating bacteria

I had NF 6 years ago. Before that, I was a karateka. NF completely destroyed my physical abilities. Doc said that there’s a 50% chance of making it, with the other option for amputating my whole left leg. Didn’t die, and still have my leg. Spent 3 weeks in intensive care fighting for my life. Two in a coma.

I binged on alcohol for 5 years after NF, and quit drinking a year ago. This winter I was going to start Yoga since I wanted to reintegrate my body with all those scars and weakness. Since I quit drinking my healing process began. Some have said it took them 10 years. Some get PTSD. But then I found Glo and it’s literally transforming my life with Kundalini Yoga. The physical exercise is challenging but I’d like to do a more holistic body endurance and conditioning. I’m asking for Glo classes that are aimed at physically challenged people, like in Kundalini. Some of the stuff I’ve tried is way too hard for a total beginner.



Sat Nam!

Hi @valis , thank you for this. We are here for you. I will be reaching out directly via my email.

Our subject matter expert and I will be supporting you one on one to find the right classes for your practice. And we are happy to share these classes as well with the community!