Great non-flow classes?

I’ve been practicing Vinyasa Flow for nearly 20 years, but after having 2 kids and various post-partum complications, I’m realizing that the chaturanga-flow is not helpful to me these days. I’m looking to try out new styles but the options seem overwhelming and I’m not sure where to begin. What are your favorite non-flow classes? I’m still hoping for a fairly vigorous practice but without any chaturanga/up-dogs (down-dog is still ok). Thank you!

Hi! I am a Vinyasa yoga teacher (certified in Vinyasa and Hatha), and I highly recommend trying some Hatha yoga classes. Vinyasa is a form of Hatha yoga, but Hatha classes focus more on alignment and isometric movements in the postures, and less on movement/flow - which equates to fewer chaturangas (or sometimes none!). The same postures and foundations apply, but it is a very different feeling during the class, as you tend to move into poses without the flow (with the exception of Sun salutations). I love both types of yoga, and choose my practice for the day based on how I am feeling.

The other great option is to totally skip chaturangas in your Vinyasa practice! There is no rule that you must do these - the teacher is a guide, and ultimately it is your practice. As an alternative to chaturanga, you can do knees, chest, chin, or skip the vinyasa and go straight to down dog - or even just take a child’s pose. One of my favorite teachers once told me this quote (I forget who said it originally) - “There are no illegal poses in yoga.” :slight_smile:

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Hi, for hatha classes I love Tara Judelle and Marc Holzman.
Any of their hatha classes is really good, consistently sequenced and inspiring.
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Hi riverrchic,
I love Steven Espinoza’s classes. The sequences are similar and at times that can seem too simple but there are some with wall work and inversions, (if you look carefully you can find those). His classes really raise my mood each single time. I do other teachers’ too when I feel more energized or ambitious.
Best wishes!


Just want to clarify here - there are many forms of Hatha yoga (including Kundalini, Iyengar, Ashtanga). I am speaking of the type of class you will likely get if you take what is described as “Hatha” class in the class description. :slight_smile:

Agree with the above recommendations for teachers. I also love Rod Stryker and Elena Brower’s Hatha classes!

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I just did Jason Crandell’s 45 minute wrist-free practice (which I found through filtering for “wrists”)…it was a tough leg workout, and totally chaturanga free!

wishing you luck in the search <3