Grief Over a Loved One Passing

Death is not something we are all prepared to handle when it comes into our lives. Whether it is the first time you have experienced it or unfortunately the fifth, it never fails to bring a tidal wave of emotions. Those emotions may be different for all of us and they may come at different times in the grieving process, but I’ve found talking to others who have gone through it, or are going through it, is very helpful. For me, it was a very isolating experience to feel like my world was turned upside down. My sadness turned into anger, which was a fairly foreign emotion for me, which just made me feel even more confused and alone because I didn’t feel like myself. What has helped you the most during your grieving process(es)? Here are a few meditations I have found to help me tremendously.

Meditation for Loss and Grief
Audio Meditation with David H. Wagner
5 mins • Level 1

Transform Anger
Audio Meditation with Amy Ippoliti
10 mins • Level 1

Heart Healing for Grief
Meditation with Elena Brower
5 mins • Level 1-2

This is beautiful and insightful :blush:

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Thank you so much Harper! That means a lot :two_hearts:

Thank you so much for sharing. Will definitely keep these in mind during times of loss.

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@Namaste123 I hope those times are infrequent but if you would ever like more supportive Glo classes or someone to talk to, don’t hesitate to reach out!

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