Gustavo Padron: Live Glo Q&A on Friday, March 27th

Join us on Friday, March 27th at 12PM PT for a Live Q&A with Gustavo Padron!

Topic: How to maintain an at-home practice


Hi Friends! I am so excited to hang out with you for the next hour. Feel free to submit your questions at anytime. Let’s have a cute chat!


Hi Gustavo! How are you staying motivated to move your body at home?

Hi Gustavo! Thanks for being with us during this crazy time. Working out at home is challenging for me, how do you recommend preparing your space. I have space in the house but it seems like im half on a rug half off or my dogs are all over me, it just feels harder to get into the groove if you know what I mean. Cute suggestions welcome!!

Hi Gustavo! What is your favorite pose and why? And what keeps you motivated during these uncertain times?

Hi Gustavo , Do you have any suggestions on something that is easy in the morning that one can do to kick the AM off uplifted and on the “right” foot?

Hi Mindy! Movement is a nonnegotiable for me even on days that I feel tired or overwhelmed. I always remind myself that I will feel so much better after a short flow, HIIT or run. I also always come back to this principle that I owe myself 30minutes a day to do something for myself and most often than not that involves moving my body :slight_smile :slight_smile.

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Hey Gustavo! First of all, thanks so much for doing this Q&A :blush: I’m wondering what sort of items you recommend using if someone doesn’t own any yoga props… I usually just avoid classes that require props, but I feel like I’m missing out on a lot of great classes because of that. There are some more obvious substitutions (like using a belt in place of a strap), but I’m wondering if you have any recommendations for what to use in place of blocks or bolsters. Thanks!

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Gustavo! Thank you so very much for your time today! You have been a such wonderful addition to glo! Since with all the world stuff right now, the spa I teach yoga and fitness at is closed temporarily, I am trying to stay engaged with students. I have had an at home practice of yoga for 20 years but many of my students have not. This was literally like going from studio classes everyday to home for many of them without warning. A well rounded home practice I feel looks different to everyone - what does it look like for you? And I was curious how you are staying in connection with your community during this time (I guess one way is super cute chats like this). :slight_smile:

Hello! I’ve actually been sick for the last two weeks (likely Covid-19). I’m trying to ease back into practice. What kinds of series and exercise do you recommend to gradually restore my routine?

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Hi yogibear (first off, I love your username). Thank you for your question. It can be tricky to stay committed to an at home practice, but creating a dedicated space for you to move your body is key.

Have you tried shifting or rearranging your furniture? I know I had to move my couch and coffee table to make space for my yoga mat, so that might help. I also like to set the mood by lighting up a cute candle and blasting up a bomb playlist to get me motivated.

As far as your doggos wanting to move with you (that’s adorable, but can totally understand if they are all up on your face hehe). Maybe you can invite them to play with you or you can give them a little treat to entertain them? I don’t have pets at home (I want a doggo so bad but my apartment is so tiny).

Hope this helps.

OMG I love these suggestions - cute candles are totally gonna happen!


I’ve lost my sense of smell and taste completely like I’ve never before… any poses to help with that?

Hi Marcela!

My favorite pose at the moment is viparita karani aka legs up the wall. It’s such a fantastic pose to restore the blood flow of your legs, while releasing your lower back. What’s your favorite pose?

My boyfriend and I are doing a cute little glo challenge- where we take a different 30min class every day. This has been the highlight of my day. I look forward to learning from the masterful teachers on this platform and this keeps motivated.

Thank you for your question :slight_smile:

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Hi Veena! Thank you for your question. I love moving my body first thing in the morning. It always helps me feel focused and energized. Try this short class next time want to get up on the “right foot!”

Quick Morning Smile
Vinyasa Flow with Taylor Harkness
15 mins • Level 1-2



Hi Jen! So sorry to hear you are not feeling well. Please listen to your body, take really gentle classes that can help your Central Nervous System integrate movement in a very mindful and purposeful way.

I recommend the following classes/programs but please listen to your body. If your energy is low sometimes the best you can do legs up the wall or a supported savasana.

Support for Your Lower Back
Restorative with Elena Brower
20 mins • Level 1-2

Restore Your Posture
Restorative with Jason Crandell
30 mins • Level 1

Restore and Rest
Restorative with Elena Brower
30 mins • Level 1-2

Unplug & Unwind
Restorative with Taylor Harkness
Level 1-2

Just Show Up
Hatha with Jason Crandell
Level 2

Hope you feel better soon,


How do you change up your own practice? From how long you practice to style? I always question what’s enough.

Hi Jennifer,

Aww thank you, you are so sweet. I am so honored to be part of the glo family and share my passion for health, wellness and yoga with more people.

I totally hear you sister, I am right there on that same boat with you, I went from teaching 15 public classes a week to not teaching at all- I miss my studio and my community. My students have also been feeling a little lost and unsteady, I have been checking in with them and referring them to glo to stay motivated and continue practicing yoga. We need this practice right now more than ever to keep it cute and sane. So I would recommend checking in with them, a little email or DM goes a long way. Let them know that you are there for them and you can support them in any way you can.

A well rounded practice looks different for everybody, every single day. There are days that 15 min of movement is all I got and there are days that I have the energy for a 90 min practice. As long as you are treating yourself with the utmost respect and kindness, I think a well rounded practice will take care on its own.


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Hi Gustavo!

Thanks for your time and attention!

I am going through a series of dental surgeries and therefore need to avoid blood rushing towards my head (hence, no inversions, not even bends forward, no high intensity, etc.). How would you recommend to stay committed to practice and include some stretching and strength building into my daily routine?

Hope your answer helps someone else too. Namaste :pray:


Hi everyone! Thank you so much for joining Gustavo’s Q&A session! It has been so fun getting to read your questions. If we haven’t gotten back to you yet, no worries. Gustavo will continue to reply after the discussion board closes.