Help needed: Below the knee amputee here 🙏

Good morning everybody,

I am a RBKA that means I am an amputee and i lost my right leg below my knee.

The accident happened a bit less than 3 years ago and today i use a prosthesis that allows me to walk (not run) and do the normal everyday things. I am able to wear the prosthesis for the full day without great discomfort.

I believe it is time for me to go back to doing physical activity after this long break that i had to take due to my accident and i am here to ask for help and support to find the direction i will take.

I am a 50 year old, 5’10’’ about 185 pounds (84kg).
I have not exercised (beyond rehabilitation) since my accident in march 2018.

As a young man i was very active and practiced many sports, including soccer, swimming, long distance running, cycling, golf, for fun and rugby professionally.

I want to get back to have an acceptable (for me) level of fitness and body shape.

My limitations:

  1. I canNOT run with my prosthesis only walk, up to very fast walk.

  2. My balance is very good in general but if i try to balance on my right leg only i still find it difficult staying still.

  3. While i use the prosthesis for walking the muscle used by my right leg are different from the ones used by my left and my right thigh has lost a lot of muscle tone. My left leg is stronger (and almost twice as bigger :frowning: ) instead because amputees tend to compensate the reduced support on the missing leg with the other one.

I already do a lot of meditation and my spiritual side is way ahead in fitness compared to my body, so I was thinking that pilates or yoga could do it for me.

When i see yoga, i feel uncomfortable because my prosthesis does not allow me to be as flexible at the knee and i am afraid i will never be able to do the lotus position comfortably wearing or not wearing the prosthesis.

I watched some pilates videos and i think i can do most of the things.

Are there other amputees out there that can help me identify a good path to physical fitness?

Are there any trainers that have dealt with below the knee amputees and can point me to something that is good for me?

Thank you for the patience of reading this message, i look forward to hearing from you and i can’t wait to get started with this community.

It’s a beautiful day out there, enjoy it!

Augusto “Gus” Evangelisti

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Hi Gus,
Welcome! well done you for getting to this point and also posting here. The yoga community is terrific and we all come to it with different needs and aims - be that for our body, mind or both. Yoga at Glo is incredibly inclusive and not beauty or instagram focused which can be off putting: It’s the full 8 limbs. The Glo customer support team will no doubt be able to suggest specific classes, programmes and collections for you. As for pilates, go for it. I find the teachers are of an outstanding level so hopefully you can start by trying a few classes and teachers to get to know their styles.
Once again welcome and best wishes,


Good morning Augusta, thank you for your message. Today i finally found the strength to start and i did one class. I was terrified of failing, I hadn’t worked out for 3 years since my accident and amputation.
I felt so tight and unfit during the routine but i kept on going until the end. When i realised i had mede it through I cried of happiness,it was cathartic. Thank you all for giving me an opportunity in this community. :heart:

By the way, Gus is the way people call me, but my real first name is Augusto, we have this in common too :rainbow:

Koodos to you for trying something new. I’ve been doing yoga since elementary school in the '50’s (must have been a renegade gym teacher on the loose). It’s been a godsend and a gift that keeps on giving. Over the years I’ve had many injuries (minor compared to yours) but yoga has helped me pull through, mentally and physically. There are tons of adaptations to poses that I am sure you will find, as I did when injured.Also after a while I found my overall strength not sufficient and I turned to swimming and ROWING and weight lifting. If you can row, it will help you with your strength and you need that for yoga and life. Weight training is good also, but more complicated. I learned to row, on the water and at a machine, by watching videos online. Yoga I continued to learn in the 1960 and '70s from books, the eighties from Video tapes, the 90’s from classes, videos and now streaming. Enjoy your new life.

Hi Gus!

Wow, thank you so much for reaching out and sharing your story. That is amazing you are getting back into a practice and looking to yoga! We are honored to be apart of your wellness journey.

Have you ever done any chair yoga? I think this would be an amazing option for you! I am also going to suggest some classes that have less weight bearing on the feet.

That is incredible that you have a separate meditation, we also have some fantastic meditations on Glo, I would be more than happy to suggest!

Energize I: Chair Yoga Sequence
Hatha with Kia Miller
15 mins • Level 1

Energize Two: Chair Yoga Sequence
Hatha with Kia Miller
10 mins • Level 1

Discreet Desk Reset
Mat Pilates with Anula Maiberg
5 mins • Level 1

Gentle Chair Twists
Hatha with Tias Little
30 mins • Level 1

Sweet Supine Practice
Yin with Felicia Tomasko
60 mins • Level 1

There is also a collection here Floor/Supine Classes
Please let me know how you like these! I would also be more than happy to work with you one on one! Feel free to send an email to

We are grateful to be apart of your wellness journey!