Hip Pain in Halfmoon

Whenever I am in half moon, I cannot hold for long because my hip socket in the standing leg pinches so badly and it really hurts. It is worse on the left than the right. It truly limits my ability to practice this pose. I have tried somethings over the years but have never been able to overcome this limitation.
I had a baby 5 months ago and I am rebuilding my strength and flexibility so this seems a good time to address this issue.
I have a similar pain in gomukhasana but not in other hip openers such as pigeon or thread the needle.

Thank you!

Hi Christie!

Thank you for writing in. I completely understand as I have similar hip issues due to injuries myself. This is a great time to adjust now that you are rebuilding your strength post baby! Congrats!

Have you ever tried myofascial release or tune-up therapy balls to help soften and warm up the muscles? I find this helps a lot! I am going to recommend two programs and some classes I think well help strengthen, increase flexibility, and rebuild muscle.

Self-Myofascial Release: Replenish and Recover
Yoga Conditioning with Tiffany Cruikshank
Level 1

Yoga Fusion for Your Hips
Yoga Conditioning with Jason Crandell
45 mins • Level 1-2

Yoga Hip Stability
Hatha with Alex van Frank
30 mins • Level 1

Maximum Mobility
Hatha with Dice Iida-Klein
Level 1-2
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