If you haven't taken a Dice class yet!

This was my first Dice class and my first Hatha class and WOW! I’m in love! No one else could convince me to hold stretches for that long, it’s almost indescribable, so you should just try it!

And if you haven’t tried the Hatha style yet and you need some good stretches, you’ll love it!

I would love to see what others think of it? What class should I try next?

Digging Deep Into Hips
Hatha with Dice Iida-Klein
30 mins • Level 2

Finding Fluidity
Yoga Conditioning with Dice Iida-Klein
20 mins • Level 1-2


Do you like yoga conditioning classes? Do you have any other recommendations? I like Dice but have you taken those classes with other teachers on Glo?