Increasing flexibility

Hi there, I’d really like to improve my flexibility especially my hamstrings and hips which I’ve noticed are really tight so I can’t do certain poses. I was wondering if anyone had some recommendations on which classes could help me with both of those?


Hi Joanna,

Thanks for writing in! I have had the same issues for a while and have found using props and keeping up a regular practice have greatly increased my flexibility! I would also recommend using a blanket to lift your seat when sitting for some poses, doing legs up the wall to increase hamstring flexibility as well as the classes below!

Tight Back Body Tutorial
Hatha with Dice Iida-Klein
10 mins • Level 1-2

All-Around Hips and Hamstrings
Yoga Conditioning with Stephanie Snyder
30 mins • Level 2-3

Give Props to Your Hamstrings
Vinyasa Flow with Dice Iida-Klein
45 mins • Level 1-2

Strong and Open Hips & Hammies Flow
Vinyasa Flow with Amy Ippoliti
30 mins • Level 1-2

Please let me know how you like these! Enjoy your practice! Namaste!

Have you tried this program?

This one really helped me not just increase flexibility but understand how my body moves within my anatomy and muscle groups.

This class offers moves that you can do a little every day to improve your hip flexibility, I’m obsessed!

Digging Deep Into Hips
Hatha with Dice Iida-Klein
30 mins • Level 2