Intermittent Fasting and Yoga

Does anyone incorporate intermittent fasting into their yoga practice? I wanted to know if anyone had previous experience with this and if there were any noticeable changes in the overall experience and results.


I’ve been doing this for about 2 weeks now! My eating window is 12-8 and I will usually do a class around lunchtime. I find fasting and yoga are really complimentary. Doing classes in a fasted state works very well for me - the body feels lighter and easier to move. As well, fasting and meditation benefit each other: increasing ability and ease of focus developed from yoga helps to fast for longer (you don’t think about being hungry so much), and the simplified headspace that you get from fasting makes it easier to meditate and breathe in poses. That is the most noticeable thing so far, to the point where I can’t imagine going back to a less “disciplined” practice schedule like I had before this.

As far as physical results - I haven’t measured strictly. In the first week I did notice a difference in my appearance in terms of leanness - either the fasting helped to decrease bloating or it was burning away fat like they say. But anyway, the mental challenge of fasting and how that can add to the practice has been more of the discovery for me.


When I am tempted to eat during my fasting window, I like to do yoga nidra. It’s a great distraction and makes me feel energized.

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Thank you so much! I have a similar eating window when intermittent fasting (usually on the weekends). On weekdays, I tend to do yoga, usually a vinyasa flow class in the morning in a fasted state followed by a short meditation and I notice similar results as you especially with increased ability and the ease of focus. However, I love yoga and meditation at all times of day, especially mid-afternoon to get the energy back up in non-fasted states. Intermittent fasting does provide a noticeable sense of discipline which I admire especially during yoga in the early morning hours. But results and overall experience will definitely vary from person to person!

This is pretty interesting! Usually, I drink a glass of water to curb the temptation but I’m going to try this one this coming weekend! Any classes in particular you recommend?

Doing my YTT we were told that best for our digestive system was a 12-hr fast daily and a 24-hr fast weekly. So everyday from 8p-8a (or 7p-7a etc) fasting (clear liquids only) and Saturdays, for example, 6p-6p so missing dinner Saturday and then breakfast and lunch Sunday. I’ve done it with great results for 3 month ~ lots of energy, felt light and never issue with wanting to cheat. Eating mindfully the rest of the time of course :slight_smile: