Jason Crandell Lives 8/17, 8/24 , today 8/31/20

I just have to comment. I have followed Jason Crandell for a very long time. I always learn so much from him. I am a bit deconditioned and also finding it very hard to stay motivated with my yoga practice since the pandemic started for us on the east coast. I was teary today because the Strength practice was so accessible to me because of the way he teaches… I have done his first three live practices and walked away remembering why i love yoga so much. Physically and mentally i feel refreshed and accomplished. There were a few things that were very hard for me today (the side plank with leg under and lifted, side crow) I had to modify. It didn’t matter… Because Jason said to move slowly to get the full benefit and that intensity was not the goal but strength and function. At least that was my take away. And his vulnerability during savasana at not being able to see us. It spoke to me and how isolated i have been feeling seeing my friends and family only through a camera for months. I just wondered what others were feeling during his live practices as well. And to thank Jason from my heart for helping me get back on track and feeling better. Love to all.


Hi Nisi,
How lovely to read your thoughts. I tried to join Jason’s live class yesterday but failed. If it’s the third he’s done I’ll try to find them in the app as I’d imagine they have been or will be uploaded to the main collection. Yes, isn’t he a wonderful teacher. I think very many of the Glo teachers are pretty extraordinary though. They really do seem to have the best of the best and each teacher brings something new to my practice and challenges me in different ways. Yes, I know what you mean about loneliness and wanting to connect. Sometimes I wake up in the blackest of black moods but after a Glo class I feel enlivened and more connected to the world beyond my walls. Sending solidarity from London.


Hi Augusta It was so kind of you to read my post and respond. It is nice to have a community like we have here at glo with teachers and students… I saw that you missed some of Jason’s live practices here on glo. No need to worry because they were all recorded and you can find them ,with the dates listed when they aired, in the library right under his name. I hope you can find them easily. I also hope your feeling a bit more connected now finding these practices. They are still helping me a ton. Blessings to you Love Nisi

Ooh, Thanks Nisi. I’m only a few months into Glo and adoring it but still lots! I’d never looked for classes in that way before (under his name) as I’d always just searched using the search. I’d like to do yesterdays live class today but I think there is a slight delay in getting them uploaded sadly. Soo nice to hear from you, thanks for the post.

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