Jeni DelPozo: Live Glo Q&A on Saturday, March 28th

Join us on Saturday, March 28th at 12PM PT for a Live Q&A with Jeni DelPozo!

Topic: Continuing your physical practice (in isolation)


Hi Glo Family! It’s Jeni here and I am so excited to be here with you and help answer any questions you may have!

Jeni! I love your classes, and I am so happy that you’ve been added to Glo! One of my goals during this time at home is to be able to properly do a roll up. What tips do you have for staying motivated towards this goal and being able to accomplish this?

I’m so glad you’re loving the classes! The roll up is tough move! The beauty of Pilates is that it’s your practice and I’d rather have you only roll up 1/4 of an inch vs. using momentum and throwing the arms forward to get up. So take it day by day, and you’ll start to notice over time that you’re getting further up in your roll up. Also practice half roll backs! They will help strengthen the core and open on the back to help with The Full Roll Up.

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Hey Jeni! Thanks for joining us for this Q&A :smiley: I just recently started my Pilates practice and it’s been going well so far, but I’m concerned about my form… Since Pilates movements are often repetitive, I feel like it’s even more important to get your form right. Do you have any recommendations for how to nail down positions/form when you’re taking classes at home and don’t have an instructor there to correct you?

Great question! Pilates is all about form, you are so right there! With that said, I feel that sometimes we’re afraid to practice Pilates because we’re afraid we’re not doing it right. I still want you practicing! Especially while at home now. The great news is that all of the Glo instructors give such amazing cues for you along the way. Always listen for those cues to help you get the most out of your practice. The biggest rule of thumb I would say whenever you’re doing any core work would to make sure you’re not over arching and your low back takes over. Like in The Hundred, I would start with the legs at a higher angle and slowly lower that angle down to test the waters of how the back is feeling. If that low back starts to overarch and get away from the neutral spine, then bring those legs back up higher.

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Hi Jeni! I was wondering what’s your number one tip when practicing Pilates? Is there something you wish more people knew or understood about the practice?

Hi Jeni! I love all of your classes on Glo and have been doing them with my husband while we are quarantined.

I was curious, do you have any tips on how to avoid discomfort on my back/spine when doing the “roll like a ball” exercises?

Hi Jeni! I love your classes I took arms and abs classes the other day and was dying! (In a good way). The hardest part about doing at home workouts for me is I get distracted. What are some of the things that keep you focused and on track with your workouts? Thank you!

Hi Lauren! My #1 rule would be to listen to your body and don’t be afraid to make adjustments along the way. If you start to feel your hip flexors taking over while doing the ab series, maybe the legs need to come up to a higher angle so that abs can do more of the work rather than the legs.

I’m so glad you and the hubby are working out together! It’s easy to feel your spine when doing rolling like a ball. If you can, I would double up your mat (or even fold it in half for this exercise) or put a blanket on top of your mat and that should help! Some of us have sensitive spines and the mat can be a bit thin.

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I will definitely try that next time. Thank you so much!

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Hi Marcela! It’s hurts so good right?! It’s so easy to get distracted when working out at home and I’m totally with you there. What helps me is putting an awesome playlist together and blasting it, when I can, and that music keeps me motivated all throughout the workout.


Yes! Burns soo good. Thanks for the advice!

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How is everyone’s Teaser coming along? I know how tough that exercise can be.

Hi Jeni,

I’ve loved your classes so far. Recently I had to limit my practice due to low back tingling. I’ve been working with a physical therapist, and I’m, wondering if there are are moves that you would be especially wary of in this situation? Or any poses you would recommend, whether from Pilates or the Barre work?

Thanks so much!

Could use some serious work :sweat_smile: but continuing to try and improve with each class I take. Starting to feel a tiny bit more stable and natural with each practice, but still a ways to go

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I’m glad you’re seeing a physical therapist to help with the back tingling. It really depends on what the PT thinks is going on there. One thing that might help is to be careful of doing too much flexion of the spine (crunches) which we tend to do a lot of. In those instances, going into a plank or side plank, or even putting the hands underneath your tailbone/tush area can help support the low back. Check with the PT and see what they think about that.

Teasers are KILLER! How necessary is it to have my legs together the entire way through this posture? I have a little bit of a stomach, and I feel like I can’t get the full benefit of the posture when I try to keep my body in a V-shape with my legs closed. Sometimes my body gets in the way of itself. What kind of modifications can I do?

Teasers are! The Pilates Police won’t come after you if the legs don’t stay together. Somedays I can’t get out of my hip flexors and bending my knees and making a diamond shape helps so much! You do you and your body will tell you what works best for your teaser each time.

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