Kathryn Budig: Live Glo Q&A on Sunday, March 29th

Join us on Sunday, March 29th at 9AM PT for a Live Q&A with Kathryn Budig!

Topic: Ask me anything!


Hey Everyone, Kathryn Budig here! Excited to answer all of your questions here on this fine Sunday.


What percentage of your workouts are yoga versus yoga cardio or other exercise?

Wow Kathryn, thanks so mych for this q&a time! There are a few things I’d like to ask you:

  1. Here in Italy the situation is really difficult as the lockdown is quite difficult for a number of reason. Do you have any practice you suggest to cope in this moment where we all fell so vulnerable?

  2. I love the creativity you infuse in all your classes, I would truly to have a class from you where you teach us new creative ways to use the yoga wheel… Do you think that would be possible? Pleeeeease!

  3. Thanks to your podcast I discovered Taryn Toomey in my last trip to NYC. Thanks, really, you truly are a gem in helping people to understand what makes us better.

I’ve been doing a blend of yoga, strength training and cardio (I hate cardio!!). So probably 3 yoga classes a week, and 2ish strength and cardio. I love the combo.

  1. Sending so much love to you and Italy. It’s heartbreaking to watch on the news. I think it’s important to feel all the feels – allow you emotions to be and don’t squash them, but partner that with some kind of movement and perhaps breathwork/meditation.

  2. I’d have to play with the yoga wheel and report back! And thank you:)

  3. Again, thank you:)

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Or rather, grazi! :slight_smile:

Hi Kathryn! Any rituals/routines you’ve found particularly helpful during this time? Thanks!


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YES. My wife and I make our morning lattes and take the dogs for a long walk where we discuss everything we’re feeling and our ideas on projects. It’s been wildly therapeutic for us.


Hi Kathryn! Thank you for taking time to do this for us!

Any reading resources you’d recommend to dig deeper into our yoga journeys?

What advice would you give to someone wanting to take a teacher training or retreat but with no intention on teaching? What would be different for us looking into what training is best for us?

Thank you! Much love to you!!

Hi Kathryn!

I have a 3 pack questions =)

  1. I’m dreaming about a 300 TT with you. Is that possible?!
  2. are you going to post other lessons on glo?
  3. what are your next yoga projects?

Thank you very much, it’s wonderful practicing with you!

Hi Kathryn! What sort of yoga regimen (especially in regard to frequency and what sort of classes) would you suggest to an intermediate level yogi looking to take their practice to the next level?

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Seane Corn’s new book is fantastic and there are classic’s like Anatomy of the Spirit, but I honestly find most of my inspiration for teaching from reading literature unrelated to yoga. I like to see the world through a wide-open lens.

And yes, I love doing TT for yourself! Look for a teacher with a message that you adore. If you just want it to deepen your practice you truly must resonate with the teacher, as they will always be a mentor to you.

Best! xoxo

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Hi I’m from Poland.Love your class.Kiss

Hi Kathryn! Your classes (in particular, your meditations) have helped me through some tough times. Thank you for sharing :two_hearts: Do you have any meditations that you visit regularly?

Hi Kathryn,

I just want to say that your classes have brought a lot of joy to my life in these last couple weeks. They have kept me going, made me smile, and helped me work through some tough days and emotions. Thank you for being you and sharing yourself and your practice with all of us.

  1. Arrrgggghhh – I want to say yes, but it’s not likely. That being said, I have two TT courses on Glo if you haven’t checked them out. Aim True Advanced TT.

  2. Always new content coming up. Every class that posts 1-2x month is new, and I just filmed a fresh batch about a month ago.

  3. All of my yoga projects have been connected with Glo lately, as well as my traveling workshops, which sadly, are all put on hold right now.


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I would start taking level 2/3 classes and modifying wherever you need to. Just remember you don’t have to do everything verbatim. This will encourage you to challenge yourself and allow you to start practicing more advanced poses.

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Hi Kathryn!

First of all thank you so much for helping us all cope in this difficult moment. I’ve been taking your classes here on Glo and it’s been helping a LOT!

I have a question on utkatasana… I often feel like I’m not getting the pelvic tilt right in this one. Hip points up, right?