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Topic: Ask me anything!


Hi everyone… I’m here whenever you would like to ask a question.

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How do I access this?

Welcome! This is a Q&A through our discussion board. @Kia is live with us here. Feel free to send her any questions and comments through our comments!

Hi Kia! Your classes have helped me a lot throughout the years. Thank you! Can you recommend a book on Kundalini Yoga philosophy that you find useful?

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Who are your kundalini and asana teachers today?

Hi Kia,

When you feel “stuck” on a particular topic or aspect of your life, how do you use your practice to help you through? Are there particular practices (e.g. meditation) that you find more powerful than others?

Also, hello and thank you for being here!

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There are a few books I recommend. One is called Kundalini Tantra by the Bihar School.

Also look for Intro to Kundalini by Gururattan Kaur


My inner self is my main teacher these days. I let the practices do the teaching… Having said that, to date Guru Singh and Gurucharan are both mentors to me.

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Hi Kia!
A couple of questions:

  1. Should we apply mula bandha every time we pause the breath during a kriya?
  2. Do you have any advice about eye strain? Sometimes I’m not sure if it’s better to just direct my attention at crown chakra or the 3rd eye, or if I should actually point my eyeballs there.

Thank you :slight_smile:

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Hi Kia, I love your classes :slight_smile: Please can you tell me how often you generally practice kundalini in a week, and how you balance it with other styles of yoga or types of exercise you enjoy? Also are any of your kundalini classes on Glo suitable to be practiced later in the evening? Thank you so much- I hope you’re keeping well at this difficult time x


Hi Kia! I love your style and the authenticity to bring to your teaching. What kinds of things did you do to find and develop your voice as a teacher? How might it have shifted over time? Where do you think you might be heading next? I’m just wrapping up my teacher training and would be curious to hear about your journey.

Hi Kia! Which of your Glo classes would you most recommend right now? I find myself getting stuck in the panic & overwhelm everyday as I’m working from home with my 2 young kids (who would normally be at school… and I’d normally be at the office)- and I’m not coping well with my emotional well-being… I just feel so emotionally drained by the end of each day that my whole system just feels totally out of whack and its so hard to reset this everyday. … p.s. I love your classes SO much! xoxo

whenever I feel stuck i do an activating kriya - usually one that works my navel point … and the energy of my heart (in Kundalini kriyas the heart ones use the arms!)… this usually works to shift my energy. Then I meditate.

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so happy to be here with you all… :slight_smile:

Hi Clara,

Generally speaking we do apply mule band after each exercise during a kriya - it helps to consolidate the energy of the kriya. However often this is a light one… Sometimes much for intense and intentional.
If you are straining your eyes you may be trying to hard. Try a mental focus at the 3rd eye (for me I sense the place back from third eye towards center of the brain) with your eyeballs actually relaxing. This can take a while to figure out - so keep practicing!

OK, that makes sense!

Thank you so much, Kia. These practices have been such a gift!

Hi. can you recommend which classes in glo are your more energetic ones i.e.: get moving in the morning ones?

Hi George,
So happy that you enjoy the Kundalini classes.
I practice every day. My main focus is on getting my energy activated and elevated. Then I do pranayama to quiet and balance the mind - then meditation.
I do asana practice regularly. I go through some phases where it is every day, others, where i am hiking more and doing asana when I feel i need to.
Kriya, pranayama & meditation - always!

I have many Kundalini classes that are good for later in the day… look for the level 1-2 … they are gentler… then make sure that you are doing breath of fire correctly (equal inhale and exhale but driven by power of exhale)… because breath of fire can be really balancing if done right… but agitating if done too aggressively.
sending love to you…

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