Live classes or Q&A?

I imagine it must be difficult to do this during the pandemic, but it would be so incredible to have one of the instructors live with us. It would feel less lonely and more connected.


That’s a great idea!
Please Glo :blush::pray::pray:

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That is a great idea @Tlima and @Auriga and something Glo has been discussing :wink: We want us to be connected together now more than ever! So please stay tuned and continue to share your wonderful ideas with us! In the meantime, have there been any Glo classes in particular that have helped you during this time that you think other people in the community may benefit from?

Thanks Luke for your feedback!
Yes, actually I particularly love and suggest these classes: from the beloved Annie Carpenter and this one from Sara Clark which I love because she is able to express so much compassion and peace without naming the word.

I would love live classes and teacher Q&As as well!

I would love to have live classes. I’m a teacher and I’m teaching live streaming classes at my home through my studio. I’ve taken a live streaming class and you really do feel more connected with the teacher and the other students. It helps a lot right now when we are all craving more connection. thanks, Lynn