Lower back sore after hamstring stretch?


I wondered whether anyone else experience “sore feeling” on the lower back after doing hamstring stretches?

I have tight hamstring and have started doing daily yoga for about a month and a half now. I’ve been focusing a lot of hamstring, having generous knee beds / making sure that my lower back are as straight as possible when doing forward bends.

However after doing these, I feel more stretch on my lower back and it feels quite ‘sore’, like after you do a dead lift at the gym. I wouldn’t say it’s painful and it’s not really affecting my mobility.

Is this something to be concerned with?

Many thanks.

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Hey @Brian!

If you are keeping your back fiercely straight, you may need to bend your knees when doing forward bends for a bit of relief. You may also be straining it to keep it straight, so you may want to decrease the intensity of your movement a little bit. Maybe from like a 9 to a 7 and see if that helps.

Keep us posted!