Mantras and Chants, Whats your favourite?

What are your favourite Mantras or Chants? I’m loving Om Tara Too Taray Tooray So Har…found out about this in one of Jo Tatsula classes, she sings it very beautifully and now I find it a source of comfort when I am pottering especially in the Garden amongst my vegetables and flowers. What is you favourite and why? here’s the class if you are interested!


Hi Blondiewonder,

Thank you for writing in and sharing that beautiful class. One of my favorites is this one! I like that it has live music and the mantra, she also recommends mudras and ways to open your chakras! It is really beautiful and always puts me in a good mood!

Meditation for Self Blessing
Meditation with Kia Miller
20 mins • Level 1

So sorry its been months since last logged in to this desktop version to see the forums, one of my little annoyances at glo for not making it part of the apps, thank you again for the suggestion xx