Mark Osmundsen: Live Glo Q&A on Monday, March 30th

Join us on Monday, March 30th at 12PM PT for a Live Q&A with Mark Osmundsen!

Topic: Practicing self-care


Hello Friends! Sending love to you all. Welcoming any and all questions during this time, open to talking about practicing SELF CARE or anything else you’re willing to share.


Is this Live now?

Hey! Yes it is!

Hi Mark , thanks for this Q&A time. I enjoy your classes here on glo (especially the Barre blend) and your style of teaching with nice, effective, accurate cueing. I was wondering if you have any plan to bring here on Glo some of your Movement Culture – or maybe to incorporate it somehow in your classes) I would love to try it!

Also I would love a class with a Yoga wheel, as I am sure you can teach us many new creative ways to use it.


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Wonderful ! This is the first time I attend a live Q&A. Hello to everyone. I live in Belgium, 9 pm down here.

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Fantastic. I have a question about creating a daily practice. I have been selecting different classes depending on my mood at the time, and also some programs for the same reason. Do you have any advice on this? I want to build strength. Should I do the same practice every day or change things up as I have been doing? Thanks.

Hi Auriga! Thank you so much, it’s amazing to connect with you. I am certainly interested in bringing a taste of the Movement Culture vibe on here, as I feel that moving in this way connects us to our bodies like no other! It really is my passion to move with people in a way that’s not only technical, but spiritual as well. (I’ll also pass along the request for a yoga wheel, I most certainly have some fun exercises there lol)

looking forward to moving together soon!

Welcome! I hope you’re having a relaxing night! :slight_smile:

Mark! Thank you bunches for your time today! I love your Glo classes!!! They zoom by 'cause they are so fun and creative. I was wondering what inspires you in your teaching especially in how you come up with your awesome class moves and sequencing.

Thanks Mark, I live in Italy and in this peculiar moment, to try and share new way of connecting and feel the feel would be really helpful.
By the way, are you in NY now? What’s your current routine to cope with the situation?

Thank you, yes I am.
I’m very sorry and I do feel a littlle bit embarassed.
Am not familair with your classes.
Love to check them out for sure. Have been doing other classes.
Maybe you can give me a reason for trying your classes ? :blush:
Am a vinyasa, hatha, restorative yoga lover.
Am young at heart, though the body is changing.
Have a great day ! Nice to meet you Mark.


Thank you so much for your message, as far as creating a daily practice, or any practice for that matter, I think that starting from a place of what makes you the happiest and feel the best should take priority. As far as building strength goes, I always recommend that changing things up helps to keep the body on its’ toes, and alternating between muscle groups will provide the safest amount of recovery time. (i.e. if something is leg dominant one day, make the next day upper body dominant so that your bod can recover and you can optimally experience that practice)

I hope you find this helpful!

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Hi Mark & community !

I’m just starting out in trying to shape yoga in to my every day lifestyle in hope for better mental clarity and focus. As well as understanding my physical body better, some advice on how you find discipline would be greatly appreciated?

Much love

Hi Mark!

Thank you for doing a Q&A. What are some of your favorite self care tips? Also what inspires your style of class? Looking forward to connecting with you!

Thank you. I appreciate your response. It’s great to hear from you. Nancy

Hi Jennifer!

First of all, I’m flattered. I really do pride myself on creating work that is FUN and CREATIVE!! I like to call myself a movement artist because that’s what the work is, understanding that movement is art. Having a duality as both a performer and an instructor, this helps me in my creativity. I’ve trained and taught in so many disciplines at this point (and always trying to learn!), it gives me inspiration to create and do my own thing, especially so people can feel uplifted to move and get stronger, rather than thinking of it as a chore.


Ditto to all the love already shared! Adore your classes Mark. They’re so refreshing and different. During these odd times is there a routine or self care you are still relishing? For me its my time with my skin care routine and time on the mat.

Sending you much love right now, yes I’m in New York so I hear you. I have actually begun teaching LIVE virtual classes as a way to connect with people around the world and bring movement/connection-especially for those isolated alone. That has been a HUGE help in creating my routine because teaching is an important part of my life. Meditation, Reflection, and Creativity have been a huge help for me right now as well as connecting with friends online and being as kind as possible to myself. The last one takes a daily reminder, and frequently throughout the day, I take a moment to just stop whatever I’m doing and focus on 3 INHALES & EXHALES before I continue on. Just to reintroduce peace into my body.

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Hey Christel!

omg no embarrassment necessary! It’s lovely to “e-meet” you. I teach a range of Pilates and Barre classes, where the only objective is to FEEL GOOD. There are various levels, and I’m all about giving as many modifications as I can. I hope you’ll join me sometime!