Melancholy Days

I’ve had a challenge lately trying to find the root cause of my melancholy days. Sometimes I think it may be related to my food habits or hormones or just in need of a little extra self-love. I try to commit to at least meditation those days but some movement would be really great. Anyone have a favorite class for days like these?

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I love to combine my meditation with any of Kathryn Budig’s short 15 minute classes. I find this helps me get out of a slump or blah day.


Normandie Keith Kundalini 101 Or try her Morning Ritual Wake up to Create your day. Kundalini Taps into energy that is stuck. It moves stagnate energy in a way like no other. Please try it. Stick with it.
Kia Miller has several short Kundalini classes inside her programs. I started with Normandie & worked my way up to Kia. Kundalini is very good at moving stuck emotions feelings out of our bodies. Good Luck! Let me know how you are doing! :heart:


Agree on both kundalini and Kathryn! Kundalini grounds me and Kathryn always makes me smile. It’s like taking a class with your best friend. Would recommend Kia Millers courses for kundalini. Love them.


Thank you! I will try Kathryn’s meditations and a short class…sounds like a great combo

I love Kundalini! Thank you for the reminder to take kundalini classes on these days! Thank you:) :blush:

Yes! kia is great, Thank you! :pray:

Hey Leslie!!!

I totally know what you mean, as I have found, Kia Miller, her Kundalini classes have really helped me. Some of her 30 minute classes, that are Kundalini based are just enough to shift the stagnant energy, and boosts my energy helping to move forward. I find, doing more breathe work during these types of days really helps to move imbalances, and gets the mind and body into a different state of mind. Her 30 minute classes are light enough to awaken you. I find look at videos that primary focus on core or awaken the heart/ core areas of the body during these times. I find during these types of days, core, is where a lot of lower chakras need clearing and help. My class that I mainly use during this time is, Kia Miller’s (Awaken the Navel and Heart class). Hope that helps.

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These are great suggestions, thank you! I do feel like focusing more the on the lower chakras is important on these days. I didn’t even think to focus on core, but I’m going to give it a try. Thank you!

Good evening Leslie!!! So sorry that I was not able to respond to you sooner. You are very welcome!!! I am so glad that I was able to help. The funny part is, how I had come to this idea, is I had noticed, between women and men, women tend to work more core than guys. Guys, will lift weights, getting an instant result, and skip core, working out top half and bottom half. Where as with yoga, it takes time, perseverance, and dedication. I find, this is why men do not always like yoga, cause it is a slow progression of growth, (but I find with better results). Also, it takes a lot more work, and women I find tend to take on this challenge. As a guy, I also, notice, with yoga, it causes you over time to internally listen and reflect on yourself- and many men do not like this because they have to face certain realities head on then. And let’s be honest, if you are not ready, it is hard. (Many of Kia Miller’s stuff I find when you really tune in, is deep, and can cause one to heaI and become better balanced. Hence, I do find, when I have worked on this area, of the core, this is why I feel so much of a difference and shift. (Sorry about being long winded, but I really wanted to explain how I got to understanding the core and how much of a core work out makes such a difference over time). You will also, find over time, it does affect digestion, and how you process food, because, the emotions are not going to hold on to you as much. Again, thank you for responding and I am so happy I was able to help.


Wow, I love this break down and it makes a lot of sense. Thank you for taking the time to break it down for me! That’s what I also love about yoga, is the results are more longstanding and satisfying because it takes so much dedication. I feel a major energy shift after doing Kia’s classes. Thanks again!

@laughingallday I have been eyeing Kia Miller and Kundalini for a few weeks now and you have definitely inspired me to finally jump in this week because I am so intrigued! Thank you :slight_smile:

Waves Meditation
Meditation with Taylor Harkness
5 mins • Level 1

Short and sweet and always hits the spot

it feels like a hug :slight_smile:

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I tend to have always had a tendency toward melancholy and anxiety, but only recently was diagnosed with a psychiatric disorder - I used to blame myself or wonder why I couldn’t be as carefree as others, and the diagnosis was a huge shift in my perspective. I realized there was a logical explanation for my struggles, I gained hope, and I let go of a lot of guilt. In the process, my digestive issues and anxiety dramatically improved (which I must have tried every supplement/diet known to man to remedy).

My point in sharing all this is that we do not always have the luck to receive answers to our questions - I often wonder what would have happened if I never got diagnosed. I might have continued blaming myself, exacerbating my symptoms. Since this experience, whenever I am down or anxious or moody I am much gentler and nurturing with myself. Of course, diet, exercise and sleep are all important to our health, but sometimes things are out of our control and we need to gift ourselves the peace to ride the waves as they come. Your melancholy days could be a result of your diet, but they could be caused by something out of your hands; be gentle with yourself as you explore healthier habits. I hope this helps.

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