Morning Routines

How early do you wake up in the morning? What do you do after you wake up? Eat breakfast? Check your notifications on your phone? Exercise? Get dressed and head off to work?

Most mornings, I wake up at 5 AM. However, lately, I’ve been getting up at 4:30 AM. A bit extreme? Maybe. But it works for me. As long as I am falling asleep at the right time, I wake up refreshed and ready to get started. I use Sleep Time to know the best times for me to fall asleep and wake up.

My morning consists of first plenty of hydration. I usually drink two glasses of water. I then head into a yoga (usually vinyasa flow) or pilates practice. This morning was Mark Osmundsen’s Mindful Morning Mat Series. After yoga or pilates, I head into a meditation. Today, I chose Kia Miller’s Meditative Mind. I prefer to awaken and energize my body through yoga and pilates before I head into a seated meditation.

After getting ready for work and making myself a cup of coffee, I like to spend some time learning whether from books, podcasts, or online courses. Recently, I have been delving further into Ayurveda with Felicia Tomasko’s course Self-Care Through Yoga and Ayurveda. This is a practice that I hope to gradually incorporate into my life this year.

After a light breakfast and checking emails on my phone, I head out for the day. On my walk to the bus stop, I challenge myself to unplug the earbuds and put the phone away. Learning to be present in your everyday life, at random moments, especially in the early morning hours before the days kicks off, I find to be a very empowering practice. It’s a work in progress though.

The right morning routine can set the foundation for your day. What matters is that your routine works for you. Allow it to develop over time as you discover your own potential.

What role does the morning play in your life?


I introduced a mindful morning routine this year, and have noticed a significant shift in my energy levels, mindset, and general sense of wellbeing. I have set up a morning collection with all of my favourite go-to classes so I keep the routine varied and interesting. And I finish with intention setting and journaling which I have found very helpful in keeping a sense of calm and purpose throughout the day.

Attention On Intention
Meditation with Sara Clark
10 mins • Level 1-2

I just listened to Sara’s guided meditation that you shared and I have to say it really opened me up for a beautiful intention for my day. I’m slowly moving to a more mindful morning practice. I do find it challenging, as I find as soon as I wake up I feel a little anxious…but the last few days have definitely been a testament to how introducing flow like , Wake up and Spring into your Day
right at the start of my day changes that.

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I agree with you @Nadine. I believe journaling is such a powerful tool. It allows for that sense of calm and purpose as well! The sense of clarity that comes about from journaling I love.

And I love the idea of the morning collection with variety. I think a little variety in the morning routine can be truly rewarding in helping sustain that routine over time.