Need a hug?

I know I certainly crave hugs at the moment and I can’t be only one. I had Taylor Harkness’s Flow for Mental Health in my library for ages but finally got around to doing it this morning. It’s an hour and can be strenuous if you like or easier if you like. It’s not all floor based restorative though so more physical than I had imagines which was great. I find all of his classes are very joyful, uplifting and soul soothing. I have many favourite teachers for my many favourite moods but if I need a friend Taylor always comes to the rescue! I recommend it for anyone who fancies a hug in these non-contact times.


So very true. The first time I took Taylor Harkness’s Flow For Mental Health class, it was so soothing and I could sense my mind and body being restored. He has a healing energy that radiates during his class which helps to have an even deeper connection to the class. I have done the class a couple of times already and have just commenced his program called Unplug & Unwind ( There are six classes within the program that go for 30 minutes each. Having just finished the first class, it was super enjoyable, especially getting into deep stretches. I am looking forward to the next one.

Hi Lucas, Thanks for your kind message and for your Unplug & Unwind review and recommendation. That looks like a great one for me to try. The programmes are one of the things I really like about Glo. I did Talyor’s Rise & Shine one: which was fab and I’d really recommend as well. I’ll add his U&U one to my to-do list and maybe use it as an evening indulgence.
Warmly, A