Need to get HEALTHY!

I have always struggled with eating healthy. I was naturally very lanky when I was younger, so I ate whatever I wanted but as I started to grow up, habits did not change! I found Kia’s Radiant Body Cleanse on Glo and have been meaning to try it out. I think it could be helpful for mental and physical health. Its’ February, but I really want to kickstart this year with a step towards bettering myself. This cleanse has been recommended to me by so many, and I’m ready to give it a go! Who is with me!


I might! I have been on/off Junger’s Clean Program, and it has definitely cleaned up my habits a lot, and I feel and look great, but I am curious about this one, not least for inspiration for new, wonderful tastes and combinations.

Oh, awesome! I just searched that and it seems super interesting and recommended by some pretty reliable sources.

I love your mindset! Trying new things and venturing into new eating regimes can be super interesting and educational. Now I have two things I want to dive into! Thanks for the recommendation :slight_smile:

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Thank you too!

I find that taking a curious, softer perspective on these regimens, really try and listen to your needs and how the changes make you feel make for better and lasting habits. I can have bread and coffee etc, but on a daily basis, I usually opt not to, because it doesn’t really feel all that great in the end.

That said I will still get that great cappuccino with a friend once in a full moon (and eat something with it, so I don’t feel terrible haha)

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You’re absolutely right. Not being too hard on yourself is key, and no matter what you learn something new about your body and what makes you feel good.

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