People's negative energy

Recently, I’m having more difficulty dealing with my mentor’s negative and snippy behavior at work. She’s trying to claim every spare moment I have, so there’s little space to breath. I feel like she wants to assert her seniority by putting people down. Any suggestions on how to clear this negative energy?

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Hey Divine! I have found in the past that doing a visualisation of protecting my own energy helps me. Sally Kempton has a great one.
I also try to (when I can - not always easy!) to put myself in their shoes - maybe something in going on in their lives causing them to act this way. Not to excise their behaviour but to open up the lines of compassion. Remember to breathe deeply and remind yourself their behaviour is not about you. I hope this helps!


Good morning Divine!!! Hope all is well with you. I completely understand what you are talking about. All of the times, I tend to protect myself, my saying and visualizing this: “Please surround me in a divine white light and a positive white shield, so strong that it repulses all forms of negative energy.” (Visualize the white shield of protection), this really helps. Some times I will say this in my head during the day, and I always say this first thing in the morning as I start my day. As you say this everyday and more consistently, you will slowly see more and more, that you will not be around negativity, but more positive and like minded individuals. I also, find that I have done some of the Kundalini videos, from Kia Miller, that has really helped fortify this concept as well. I find Kundalini videos, help to remove any of the sticky energy from others. Hope this helps.


If you have time at some point in your day, I would recommend Kia Miller and Kundalini Meditation in particular: I think this one could be really good for this situation.


Dear all,
Thank you for sharing your thoughts and for the recommendations done! Will definitely try them.


Try this short meditation with Tiffany, even while your at work, putting yourself in a happy, safe space is important too in situations like this, even when it can be really hard to do. Remember to take deep breaths, they really help.

Practice Happiness
Audio Meditation with Tiffany Cruikshank
10 mins • Level 1-2
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