Please help me to relish Shavasana

Ooops, ok, thank goodness the teachers can’t see me as I really struggle to do shavasana. I tend to (ok, almost always) skip it at home and found it harder to skip in studio classes as I didn’t want to appear rude :slight_smile:
I feel I need to learn to love it. Any tips please?

Hello Augusta :slight_smile: It’s funny that I never thought someone wouldn’t like shavasana. It’s my favorite rewarding moment :slight_smile: However, you made me remember that right in the beginning of my practice (let’s say 20 years ago) I had problems relaxing and I could not find any benefit with this posture. With practice and specially meditation I have learnt to control my thoughts and especially anxiety. So one thing that has helped me a lot was to do some meditation practices lying down, which is quite challenging because we tend to sleep in this position. Relaxing and keeping present at the same time I think is the key to enjoy the benefits of shavasana. I hope I have helped :slight_smile: