Re-starting yoga: how often can I practice?

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I wish to re-start my yoga practise after a 5 yr long break. My general fitness is not amazing, but I am an otherwise healthy 45yr old. I was wondering - how often is it safe to practise? Could I do a 30min class everyday, or is that too much?
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Hi there, I notice you haven’t had an answer yet… Im in a similar position but a little ways ahead. I re-started regular yoga practice after probably a 10 year break (!) about 4-5months ago - and I am running a little too. So i have had to go back into it carefully. I have used some of the programs on here (level 1/1-2) to make sure I don’t do anything stupid. Most of the classes at a start-out level are about 30 mins. Anyway, it’s going really well. If you start to particularly follow one teacher then Glo will start sending you combinations of classes by that teacher to suit your level - at least that’s my experience. Hope that helps! Fed

Hi Mariafn,

Definitely start with level one. I would suggest that may set a goal for 4 days and mix in a YIN class. YIN will give you passive long held stretches that focus on releasing tension and relaxing in the pose. This will allow you to “Feel” each pose and know how to listen to your body as you need to learn to know when to back off here and relax.
Then mix in maybe 3 other days of a beginner flow. Just set a number that you think is an honest and attainable goal. You want to hit the mark and stay positive and motivated… stay consistent. Good luck on your journey back :slight_smile: