Runners’ knee

Hello friends and fellow yogis,
I’m not normally a runner (swimming’s more my thing) but these are not normal times. Consequentially I’ve developed ‘runners’ knee’ so need to find some yoga practices that hit every spot bar my knees! I’ve found a good, basic Marla Apt one called ‘Fragile Knees’ but am now looking for any similar ones that are maybe level 2/2-3 and ideally longer than 20 mins. Has anyone got any tips for practicing yoga with dodgy knees?

Hi Augusta :slight_smile: Check out this blog Jason recently wrote for us, he offers some great insights and tips:

Also this Collection I made of many classes that address your knees, their sensitivity or to help them gain strength! I hope this all helps!

Love Your Knees

Thank you, I’ll read his blog post now (he oozes wisdom from every pore of his body!) this minute and crack on with the collection tomorrow. Thank you, an incredibly helpful reply, as ever.

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