Self-care when caring for others

I have been spending a considerable amount of time and energy caring for my ageing mother. She suffers from anxiety and depression and is struggling with a lot of poor health, most of which stems from her negative thoughts and emotions. I’m using all of the tools I have available to bring as much positivity and light to her world when I am with her, but she is now relying more and more on me for emotional support and reassurance.

I would love some recommendations on Level 1 classes including meditations that could help to bring me some balance and help restore my own energy levels so I can continue caring for my mum. I’m a seasoned daily meditation practitioner, and have recently started daily yoga practice so am still at beginner level.


Nadine, I would strongly suggest you to take some classes with Annie Carpenter.
She really knows.


Thank you Auriga. I’ve been enjoying Annie’s classes so far so will definitely keep her in mind. Blessings to you :pray:

Hey - my name is Elena. Oftentimes when i’m filming classes at Glo, i’m thinking about people like you who are required to care for others, and i’m teaching right to you - to care for YOURSELF for these few minutes and let your heart open wide for your own care. I’ll put a class above but really almost every one of my classes here would serve as a great reminder to turn toward yourself with great love, and have the experience of your own attention. Maybe this one?


Thank you Elena. I have been enjoying several of your classes, including your meditations. Usually when you are pouring your energy into caring for someone else it’s easy to deplete that energy and forget to reserve some for self-care. This is an ongoing lesson i’m learning. I will certainly give the class you suggested a try. Blessings xx

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Let me know how it goes… i’m curious to hear how you’re doing.

TRUTH! Annie does know!

Hello Nadine,
You have my sympathy. I’m in a similar situation with my mother and alternate between feeling love and sympathy for her and wanting to explode with frustration! I have found both yoga and meditation incredibly helpful so I’m sure you’re on the right path - hang in there! xx


Hey everyone, I also wanted to share this awesome collection we made thinking of all of you strong, big hearted people!

Enjoy and remember that you need and deserve self-care too!

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Oh, thank you for this. I too am caring for my mother, who is suffering from 2 server conditions that means she can’t walk without pain, and because of the other condition she can only sit a few times a day for an hour at most. This has been going on for over a year so of course she is very depressed.

It’s been a struggle to help my father take care of her, and also take care of myself. Besides just emotionally, I too unfortunately have long-term injuries I’ve been struggling with Physical Therapy for (the main one being an IT band issue but now I just got something new I am seeing a doctor for this week). I’m in constant slight pain in my right leg for over 2 years now. Most of the time I just deal with it, but I’m a very active person (hiking, climbing, camping, biking… you name it).

I finally started to get into yoga more full time and I definitely could use some to help me unwind, especially at the end of the day, but even just starting the day too. Can’t wait to check out all the recommendations!

Gosh, I am so glad that I explored further the Glo community section. It so good to know people are in similar situations who love yoga. My practice, breath and meditation have helped me so much but when you can connect with a class it is so much more meaningful.
I also have an elderly mother and am the only surviving child. My yoga practice has been a lifesaver as well as practicing with the Glo community of teachers online. If someone would have some specific teacher suggestions, I would appreciate it as well. I do follow Elena Brower, Tiffany Cruikshank…I typically take more restorative classes in the evening, to unwind.