Switch Up the Energy

As we approach a new month of being quarantined, we hope you are being good to yourselves and the energy around you. We feel that switching things up is vital to your routine when your routine is restricted to one space. We have put together a list of classes that we think could help to shake up any stale energy sitting in your sanctuary.

Remove Stagnation
Hatha with Felicia Tomasko
20 mins • Level 1

Write It to Release It
Beyond the Mat with Elena Brower
5 mins • Level 1

Yoga Cleanse
Vinyasa Flow with MC YOGI
30 mins • Level 2

Quicken Your Kapha
Hatha with Rod Stryker
45 mins • Level 2-3

Breath Cleanse
Breathwork with Sara Clark
5 mins • Level 1

We want to hear from you. Let us know if you try out these classes, or what you are doing during this time to stay in touch with yourself, and what is right for you.

Love Elena! I also think Kia Miller has been such a good resource during this time. I am working through her 40 Day Sadhana program. It’s giving my days a little structure which I desperately need in quarantine :grimacing: I tend to do the classes in that program in the later-afternoons! But I am curious what other people on here recommend.

Thank you so much for sharing this! I have found myself getting really complacent in my routine, which is really just me becoming one with my couch. Since the weather has been so hot, I find it difficult to motivate myself to find my mat and move right after work. Instead of looking for more fast paced classes, I’ve started seeking more mellow, feel-good, stretchy flows for the end of my day. I’ll list some of my favorites below.

Additionally, I’ve started the new meditation beginner’s path. I struggle to find ways to calm my mind while being cooped up at home, but I have really enjoyed the first few classes. I am sure I’ll be able to notice a difference in myself by the end of the sequence :crossed_fingers:

Stretchy Flow
Vinyasa Flow with Gustavo Padron
30 mins • Level 1

Open Your Hamstrings
Vinyasa Flow with Jason Crandell
60 mins • Level 2-3

Simple and Sweet Release
Yin with Tiffany Cruikshank
20 mins • Level 1-2

Stretching the IT Band
Hatha with Tias Little
15 mins • Level 1-2

This class has provided a lot of peace for me when I can’t escape someone else’s not so great energy right away - Thanks Amy!

Inner Sanctuary
Meditation with Amy Ippoliti
10 mins • Level 1