Tiffany Cruikshank: Live Glo Q&A on Tuesday, April 7th

Join us on Tuesday, April 7th at 12PM PDT for a Live Q&A with Tiffany Cruikshank!


Tiffany Cruikshank here to answer any questions you have! :blush:


Hi there Tiffany.
Thanks for being here for us.

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Aw, thanks Vio! We’re all in this together. Thanks for the sweet note. :wink:

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Hi Tiffany – do you build rest days into your schedule? I’m working from home at the moment, practising every day and generally like to pick something challenging.

What are some of the best asanas to combat fear and anxiety?

Hi Tiffany, thank you for your wonderful classes and meditations at Glo. My question is about sciatica nerve pain, is yoga ok or does it make it worse?


First of all: Thank you for being such a great instructor! Thanks to your instructions I’m able to do yoga without the pain, that one gets if the alignement is wrong. Nevertheless, I still can’t do bow pose without knee pain (and/or back pain). I tried to put a block inbetween, anchor my sacrum, keep my knees in close (which just leads to knee and lower back pain), open the chest and keep the shoulders down and back, keep my ribs in etc. Could you do an tutorial video were the pose gets properly explained with props? Maybe you could do some poses before where you teach us the actions needed for the pose.
Second question: I have been practicing at home (I had a accident and thus public classes are too fast paced for me) with a mirror and I take videos of my practice to improve my alignment. Do you have any tips how you improved/improve your alignment if you practice alone?

Hi! First, thank you for the wonderful classes you offer on Glo! My question is: What physical practices best complement asana as we age and why? (If it’s possible to generalize). I have found that just doing asana no longer works for me; this is new as of the past 5 years or so (I’m 57). So, I added on Orange Theory Fitness classes 2x/week. But I’m wondering why this shift with age - I’ve seen it with many other people as well. Thanks for any thoughts you might have!

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As a movement educator, what was the hardest thing for you about transitioning to teaching in an online platform? Many of us are faced with this right now, entrenched with mixed feelings about the loss of the energetic exchange with students that guides intuitive teaching and cuing, but also finding the value of student accountability in their solo practice. Any words of wisdom are appreciated!

Absolutely, I think it’s important to have off days. In Chinese Medicine this unstructured downtime is precious nourishment for the kidneys & adrenals. That could also be a more restorative practice if you feel the need to care for yourself. I think for most people it’s a matter of shifting our perspective to value this precious downtime as well as the movement. Both serve vital roles in our health. I hope that helps :wink:


Tiffany - you’re my favorite teacher on Glo! So badass and strong and supportive. My request is a class where you have a model student who you’re making corrections on, practicing with (not pairs yoga). Kind of like the MC Yogi series? I love your cueing so it would be fun to see it live. THANKS and come teach on Vashon Island someday!

Hi Tiffany, thanks for being an awesome instructor and hope you are well (so sad I missed you when you came to Canmore at Jeff Mah’s studio!!)
My husband, Erik, is a TCM practitioner/ Acupuncturist here in Canada and he had a question for you!
Do you offer any online CEU’s? Also, what are some of your favorite resources or classes that you use in your TCM practice?

It does, thanks. And thank you for all your classes, they were the first ones my instructor recommended to me when he told me about Glo!

That’s a longer questions but the short answer is that you should never move through pain. At the very least it deepens those neurologic pathways for pain and worse it could create mechanical irritation or inflammation. So learning to appreciate pain as a precious warning or danger signal is key. Learning to appreciate it as a communication tool to keep us safe is important to shift our relationship to pain (from being a bad thing to being an essential communication mechanism).

My favorite thing for sciatica is nerve flossing, here’s an article I wrote in Yoga Journal on it, the first move is the best for this. Try it daily. It shouldn’t be painful, you may even feel very little. Let me know how it goes. :wink:


I’m just jumping in here to say hi! A big thanks for all you do… I love many of your classes, especially core heaven, core quick fix and yoga conditioning for athletes! I am a triathlete so you are my go to for many post training, recovery or strengthening sessions!


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That’s a trickier question since each person is so different. In Chinese Medicine there are many different pathologies for this and therefore different approaches (movement based practices, heat building, calming, yin…). What I suggest is simply trying a few and noticing what feels most helpful and going with that. The beauty of Glo is that you can also search by those words and find some great classes as well. I hope that helps! :blush:

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I agree with others on this forum; you are badass and the best. Thank you for your calm presence and your ability to explain things about my body in a straightforward, accessible way. And thank you for making me hold poses for longer than I want to.

Question: Due to technology, etc., we seem to be evolving in a way where we’re constantly looking down, rather than neutrally or even up. I’ve come to the conclusion that this is seriously affecting my neck and shoulders. A chiropractor also said I must balance out strength in the front of my neck to better support my head. Do you have any tips or yoga poses for doing this kind of work consistently? I am 29 and am always working on less screen time, but it’s not something I can totally eradicate. Thank you!!!

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It would be so fun to see you in zoom answering all these good questions. Foreseeable?
Thank you for all your beautiful classes!

I feel silly about posting this but hey… :smiley:
I was wondering if you have ever had any doubts if you should continue leading your 200hr TTC’s?
With so many people becoming teachers these days, have you noticed the value, awareness and depth of what is taught from teachers now, drop? Do you ever feel that a person shouldn’t teach regardless of their training?
I feel bad when I think like that. As if I am judging these new teachers… But it really seems like everyone wants to teach but few are really ready and dedicated.
So I wondered if you ever had these feelings too …