Tips for Glo classes for hamstring injury

Perhaps you can help me? I am searching high and low for comprehensive Glo classes, yoga/yoga conditioning or pilates (I’m thinking) suitable for those of us with a high hamstring injury, tendinitis or tendinopathy. I started shockwave therapy, which should help healing in the tissues along too.

Lunging, forward bends are off limits, which is basically all classes on Glo so how do you keep a physical practice going for 6-12 months, not aggravating this stubborn injury while healing?

I find lots of classes addressing wrist and knee issues, but I’m still missing high hamstring work-arounds - that specifically back off any forward bends, lunges, warriors etc, where the tendons to varying degrees grate over the sitbones - and I’m so sure I am not the only one with this issue, but for some reason working with this injury is not too well illuminated in the yoga community.

How have you coped with and healed a high hamstring injury?


Hi, a few times ago I had a very mild hamstring injury (I repeat: very mild) and I did not stop yoga, as per the suggestion of a very good surgeon who saw me years ago because of a chondropathy.
Of course you cannot stretch your hamstring, but you can definitely strengthen them: why not to try some backbends or twisting classes? There’s plenty of these classes on Glo.
This is actually what I did while during my (mild) hamstring pain.

Moreover, I would suggest you this class from Marc Osmudsen, I just love it, it’s a beautiful blend of barre and pilates:

Pilates Barre Blend
Pilates Fusion with Mark Osmundsen
30 mins • Level 1-2

Hope that helps! :slight_smile:

Hi! Thank you for your suggestions! Right now it is so tender, that ANY forward bending motion is ill advised, so we are way past ‘mild’.

ALL Glo yoga classes I have seen so far (almost daily over the past 5 years at least) have forward bends, folds, lunges, triangles, warriors etc, and I need some that are completely without - like the classes that are ‘wrist bearing free’.

That pilates class you are referring to, I will definitely have a look at!

I had a hamstring injury last year. At the beginning, I was recommended to stop any kind of physical activity. I do not think there is anyway around this. When I started physical therapy I also restarted my yoga practice. I would do the regular class but I would always fold forward knees bent and I would bend my knees as much as needed, while I restrengthened my muscles.


Thanks, Laura! By trial and error I agree with you, that a full hiatus is needed in the beginning. It does lower the acute pain issue.

When easing back in though, I have read several places that the bent knees actually puts a strain in the high hamstring right at the sit bone, so it is specifically counter indicated for a high hamstring injury along with the forward bends and lunges in general

What I am looking for - on the same level as you have no-chaturanga practice for those with wrist or shoulder issues - are no-hamstring-straining classes, that would be a godsend in the healing process.

I just haven’t come across the genius yoga teacher creating some nice classes like that just yet - still hoping! :blush:


Tias Little SATYA classes, are wonderful for injuries. . .done on the floor . . .beautifully, slowly and with fabulous direction.
Stop any movements as soon as you feel pain, until your injury heals. . .
Good luck!

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Thank you, Pam! Definitely checking these out

Strengthen Hamstrings, Stretch Quads
Hatha with Jason Crandell
30 mins • Level 1-2

I have the same injury. It started 2 years ago and the past few months i had a few shock wave therapy sessions. This helped very good. Unfortunately i started practicing to much to soon, so now i have some discomfort again. I try to work on strenght in stead of flexibility. But indeed it is hard to find classes i like. Normally i practice ashtanga.
I tried jasons class and it works on strenghtening the hamstrings.
Be very very carefull, this injury can last a very long time…


Thank you, Angela! It is really helpful to learn how others deal with this persistent injury. It is not highlighted enough, I feel. I do like Jason’s thoughtful understanding and instructions, so I will see if he has something I can use!

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I did not know this… and I agree with you, I have not found a class that in retrospect I would have been able to do without at some point bending forward or putting some strain on my hamstrings.

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Upon recommendation, I tried Tias Little’s Satya class, and it is amazing. Very thorough and gentle. Everything reclined. This is I good starting point, I think. Hope to find more!

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Tried Tias’ satya class, and you’re right - it’s bliss! Absolutely wonderful

Check out Dice’s Maximum Mobility under Programs. I have found the Hamstring Helper class particularly helpful in that he focuses on strengthening the hamstrings as well as actively lengthening them. Hope this helps!

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Thank you, Cortnie!
I will check Dice’s class, once the area has calmed down and feels more steady and ready for some more active work.
I am still in early recovery phases and only do reclined, mindful work - which is incredibly helpful and take care to also prop up during the night, so I don’t inadvertently push the ligaments. I am thinking less and less about the injury daily, so think I must be doing something right :blush:

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Yes, yes, yes! :hearts: Here we go. Specifically on how to move with a hamstring tendonitis. More of this please

Working with Hamstring Discomfort
Hatha with Amy Ippoliti
30 mins • Level 1-2