Too old to start teaching?

I am a very fit 60 year old who retired early from a senior management position to run a bed and breakfast, I’m moving back to my home community to explore new challenges around yoga and mental health. A former colleague was recently appointed to lead a homeless youth shelter and my dream has been to offer my YT200 training, meditation certification, and interest in yoga and traumatic brain injury to this population. BUT, I am so nervous I’m too dated. I am LOVING Stephanie Snyder’s course on Yamas and Niyamas but my confidence is diminished because I’m living in a village of 52 folks and practice solely on Glo. Curious how others have made the leap when most class participants are half their age. I have a 7 year asana and 3 year meditation practice. Thanks!


I say go for it! I personally prefer older instructors because they have more wisdom and experience (or appear so!) Listen to your gut, take a deep breath, and do it!! Sounds like an exciting opportunity. If not now, when?


Visualization Into Actualization
Kundalini with Kia Miller
10 mins • Level 2

Leslie just shared this class with me and I had to post it - PERFECT for what I needed. Highly recommend this to anyone wanting to attain a goal or explore future possibilities.

I am so glad to hear you enjoyed this Jeanne!

You are never too old! I say go for it! You seem to have a desire to share yoga among a much needed population, and I encourage you to follow that feeling! With age comes wisdom and a different perspective. I also encourage you to check out Glo’s teacher Annie Carpenter, she is in your age demographic and a very respected teacher among teachers. Check out her program called Master Class for Teachers. I also encourage you to look up a teacher named Tao Porchon-Lynch, she started teaching yoga in her 70s and she is 101 now and a beloved teacher…Hope that helps!


Hello Jeanne, I really do not think you are too old, you can offer your experience not just on yoga but on how, with age, patience you can become a better person, more tuned to your inner truth for example :slight_smile:
What I am not so sure about is the teacher training, sorry to say that, but I think that in order to offer something like that you really need to be a very experienced teacher. I know that at the moment teacher training are a big business (lease mind that I am not saying you are doing this for money, on the contrary!), but an effective teacher training, in my opinion, should offer a huge experience on a specific topic, that is only acquired trough a long experience (20 maybe?).
Hope that helps

This helps so much! Thank you!

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Thank you for your insight - this is very much appreciated!

I am 60 practiced yoga for around 30 years for myself (I still work in our family business) I have started to take my Yoga teacher training. I live in a tiny village in France too. I recently qualified as a targeted mobility yoga teacher and have a small more mature group of clients who love the flexibility this practice brings them which in turn means they are walking more and moving more - Movement is medicine. Younger people are starting to ask if they can join in too - such a joy to have a mix of older experience and younger energy it is a fabulous mix. Go for it it can bring such joy xx

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Hi Jeanne!

I certainly hope you will pursue your 200 hr YTT. I was 62 ten years ago when I spent a phenomenal month at Kripalu in western Massachusetts. My dorm mate was 26. Our 200-hr class of 62 students ranged in age from 19 to me and everything in between. Can’t express enough how grateful I am for my decision, my training, deep friendships and connections made, and for how much my life has been enhanced by yoga practice on and off the mat. The sense of giving back to community will fill your heart space and bring you much fulfillment. Believe it!

Thank you so much for such a warm and encouraging response. I completed 200 YT with a known instructor as well as some specialty training, but had to relocate to a rural area and just haven’t been able to do much community based training. Your thoughtful comments were just the kick I needed and I thank you!!

One of my absolute favorite yoga teachers of all time came into his practice in his early 70’s, started teaching in his 80’s, and it was some of the most beautiful, centering and rigorous classes I’d ever had. When I learned that my teacher was in his 80’s (after being guided by him and seeing him in class) I was in near disbelief–he looked not even 60 to me. He was a true gem of a teacher and even now when I look back on those classes I remember how encouraged I was by his words and his perseverance and strength. He’d found yoga as a recovering alcoholic and the fact of this story, and his age, motivated me all the more so, because he’d gone through something and come out the other side. Look him up if you can, Frank White was his name. He taught at the oldest yoga studio in Los Angeles. He’s since passed but he was a beloved near guru of a teacher, a photo of him is on the wall upon entering the classroom where he taught for years. So yeah, the older–in some cases–the better. I would much prefer someone older than me to teach me, in the same way, I prefer therapists to be older than me, because as someone mentioned before, the wisdom they can pull from their own lives means a lot. So yeah, go for it!!!

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Of course you should do it. I practiced starting when I was 19 or 20 but had a career in academia. When I retired about 6 years ago I wanted to deepen my yoga practice and studies and became certified as a teacher (I have now completed another certification to learn newer techniques). I’m definitely at a point in life now at 70 years old where I don’t want to start a new career, but for the last 4 years I have a volunteer taught yoga to the blind at a local community center. The pleasure in teaching and practicing and the creation of relationships with my students has been deeply gratifying.

Hi, I am a 61 year old yoga instructor, and I just got hired at a new HOT yoga studio. Don’t be afraid. We need yoga teachers of all ages. GO FOR IT!!!

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  1. I agree with all the above.
  2. As a twenty-something yoga-teacher, I realllly enjoy classes with “older” people-- the more years of inquiry, the more wisdom to share (what is “old,” but a conventional truth/ realistic fiction (vs. ultimate truth)). None of us choose our birthdays and few of us choose our death days. GO for it!