Yoga for kidney health & slow function

Tias Little offers wonderful guidance but I am hoping for more classes that focus on organ health, specifically kidneys and liver. Also, I wish Glo had a ‘speed’ option. I LOVE the classes but I apparently breathe slower (longer) than many and also love to hold the poses a bit longer than many of my favorite facilitators do. Love you all and am immensely grateful for this service.

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Hi @Zulia! I’m curious who your favorite teachers are? Have you tried the Yin or Restorative styles? They tend to move and breathe a lot slower so you might enjoy them more :slight_smile:

I will definitely pass along your feedback for a speed option as well, that would be great to consider.

In regards to classes on organ health, I recommend some of these classes and programs and further exploring Felicia Tomasko (who teaches Yin and Restorative), Tara Judelle, Lee Holden and Kia Miller.

Detox for Health & Happiness
Kundalini with Kia Miller
Level 2

Tao Yin 101
Tao Yin with Lee Holden
Level 1

Horizontal Axis
Hatha with Tara Judelle
90 mins • Level 1-2

Balance Vata Dosha
Hatha with Felicia Tomasko
15 mins • Level 1

Yes, I love YIN and incorporate yin yoga into my classes and practice… Thanks so much for these recommendations! I love Tias Little and so many of Glo instructors and guides and wisdom figures! Thank you! I will check these out - Much appreciated!